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The Mountains of Nazia

Nazia is a region of mountains, of hard access and small villages that do not see contact with the world very often. It is a region that sits amidst the massive mountains that form the common border between the Cagilan Empire, Eston, Falasan, and Talerium. It has been the site of many battles, and has belonged to many different empires.

The river here cuts the mountains in two, creating a beautiful and lightened valley, where the locals work the greater part of their sheep and goat pastures. Crops are grown to the northwest, in the sea of hills that border the plains of Belegmon and Anost. Where the northern mountain meets the great valley, the village of Nazian was born. Here the Baronial Seat was built, a great, sprawling fortress that climbs the mountain. The lower part of the Baronial Seat contains the Court of Justice, the Grand Hall for feasts, and the guest's chambers. The upper floors hold the private chambers, first being those for the honorable guests and the Baron's family, with a great Dining Hall and Living Room. The tiers and spires were built with wide, large windows, to view the valley and to allow the southern sun access to the inner chambers. At the top, the Baron's chambers stand watch over the sprawling, graceful village of Nazian.

The once graceful village of Nazian is small, but the buildings have crumbled. It was built with grace, for the people were proud, and skilled in mining and stonework. The stone cutters and artisans were the most skilled, and produced elaborate statues and sculptures when ordered. However, in the last few years, much of the region's glory has been lost.

History of Nazia

According to legends, this is the place where the Dragon lived.

As Capital of Drachenwald

Nazia was the capital of Drachenwald for some time, until the city of Tarasac was accepted as the new capital. Shortly after this event, Drachenwald was invaded by the Cagilan Empire, Tara, and Darka. Between the 26th of January 2006 and the 29th, a brief war was fought. At this time, Tarasac was lost, and there was an attempt to move the capital back to Nazia. However, Drachenwald was not able to resist this onslaught, and it was forced to surrender to the Cagilan Empire. As Baron Nemethos explained to his people:

Greetings fellow Drachenwaldians,

This is perhaps the hardest letter I have ever had to write. At the same time I can assure you it is the hardest decision I have ever taken. I have though about this for more than two days, I have talked to many people about it but I am still not sure what I am about to do is the right thing. We have long had little hope of survival as a realm. After Cagilan Empire et al. decided we should be no more. They are now taking the last region from us.

We tried long to get help but those few friends we had could not help and those we though would be neutral turned against us. We in the council have tried hard to find us a new capital in wain. Now that we are surely dying as a realm we tried to prevent the enemy to get our last region, still in vain. Now though I have found a way to prevent our people from suffering any more. It will not save us as a realm but it has good prospects of us returning from the dead in the future. I will though have to act now and dare not wait any longer in fear all will be lost. What I am about to write will not please many of you.

I am going to surrender to the Cagilan Empire!

That way I will get to remain in control of our last region and I hope that the words of a future realm I have from the Cagilan Prime Minister will be true.

I will urge you all to join the Order of the Dragon so I will be able to contact you the day Drachenwald is once again. No matter what there happens I will always remember you, Drachenwald and the ideals we lived by. May the once more live their own life in these mountains.

I hereby declare Drachenwald dead!

May it soon return!

Drachenwald forever!


Sir Nemethos Baron of Nazia

Falasan & Eston Rule

After the fall of Drachenwald, the CE lost control of Nazia and it became a rogue state. Some time later, the region was taken over by Falasan. A year later, war broke out between Falasan and Eston. On February 25, 2007, a takeover by Eston was completed, bringing Nazia under their rule. As of May 8th, 2007, there was still an unresolved claim on Nazia by Falasan. However, Eston was not able to control the region, and some time later it went rogue once again. In early November, 2007, Falasan once again regained control. Dame Ilya Bluelake was appointed Baroness of Nazia by Gucky Zotral, King of Falasan. For six months it was under Falasan's control, but the region once again rebelled following an invasion by the Cagilan Empire and Darka in June of 2008.

Cagilan Rule

From the nearest region, Nazia is at least a full day's travel. From many, it is a harsh two to three day march. With neither the CE or Falasan willing to tie up troops for that length of time, Nazia remained in anarchy, despite bordering regions in each realm. Armies marched through it, and battles were fought around it. The populace largely fled the region, and all that was left were those in petty positions of power, and those unable to leave.

In late December of 2008, the CE began to take a dominant position in the Great War. Able to spare an army to occupy the region, Nazia was taken under CE rule. Dame Windborne Rider was installed as Viscountess, and work began on the region. However, the CE soon learned the hard lesson of why Nazia so often goes rogue. The people there are hardened anarchists, surviving bitter winters in the mountains. They see no need for Imperial Rule, and do not willingly submit to it. In the weeks since Nazia was taken, the CE has managed only modest gains in loyalty and morale. The population hates their rule, and an army of soldiers and bureaucrats are needed just to keep it from going rogue again.

Only time will tell it if can be made part of any realm, for any length of time.

This is a report from Nazia's situation after being taken over by the Cagilan Empire:

During the Great War, between the Cagilan Empire and Falasan, Nazia was lost. Tucked deep in the mountains, this region would trap any forces traveling to it for days. From the nearest region, Nazia is at least a full day's travel. From many, it is a harsh two to three day march. With neither side willing to tie up troops for that length of time, Nazia remained in anarchy. The livestock were taken by predators and bandits, the fields went fallow, and the villages turned into a myriad of small fiefdoms. The populace largely fled the region, and all that was left were those in petty positions of power, and those unable to leave.

As the Great War began to wind down, with the Cagilan Empire having decimated much of Falasan's once mighty armies and lands, Nazia once again came under Imperial Rule. As part of its Northern expansion, the CE took Nazia, and occupied it with troops. A new lord was chosen, and the Bureaucrats began their long, hard work. But the region remains war-torn, and resistant to rule. As one field is harvested, another is burned. The anarchists prosper in their many small villages, and Imperial rule is still far from complete. But production is increasing, and morale is slowly rising.

One day, Nazia will be restored to its former glory. But for now, it remains in disarray. Occupied by troops, it is slowly being subjugated, and this makes no one happy. But it will be for the better, some day.