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The Wiki Editors are a group of people selected by Tom who are entrusted with keeping the Wiki up to date and readable.

They regularily check all content in the Manual and update the FAQ when necessary. The editors also check the pages beyond the Community Portal occasionally, to weed out or improve bad articles.

The Editors

Chief Editors

Our head editors, the ones who in addition to all of the above also are the "first among peers" and are responsible for making meta decisions, such as style guide changes, category structures or others items. They also supervise the other editors' work.


Editor Pages

The following pages are reserved for the editors, to exchange ideas or hold discussions. You can read these pages, we even have editing permissions switched on on most of them. Please do tread carefully, however. Our editors are busy as it is and unless specifically invited, your comments or changes are not welcome here.

  • User-Editors Talk - Where you can talk to the editors. Feel free to post here.
  • Style - Editors talking about changes or additions to the Style Guide or other style, layout or presentation issues.
  • General Talk - General discussions among the editors.
  • Translations - If we ever have the resources to go multi-lingual...