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Tom Vogt
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Tom Vogt, creator of BattleMaster and several other games.

I play the game as well, of course, though sometimes more and sometimes less intense. A few of my characters are just for testing, others are GameMaster-NPCs (to run storylines, like the Beluaterra invasion). A very few are for actual playing.

You can send mail to, but please remember that I literally get hundreds of mails a day, and I don't always reply quickly and sometimes not at all.


What is BattleMaster ?

An attempt at summing it up:

BattleMaster is the game where when we say "you make history and decide the fate of your realm", we mean it. Here, your actions don't just decide whether plot A or plot B will come to pass. In BattleMaster, you can actually create history. From nothing, with no predefined storyline. You don't play the story through, you create the story. All of it.

I could also quote a player (Artemesia) and point out that BM is probably the only game on the planet where someone can say "I have only been playing since late September 2007," in March 2011 and everyone eats it up as the most normal thing to say. Yeah, you've only been playing for 3.5 years, you youngster, you. :-)