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The german government has recently made a few statements that pretty much make sure Bitcoin is a legal currency (legally speaking, an accounting unit).

With that, I'm now experimenting with Bitcoin donations.

My Bitcoin address for donations is no longer active, please do not send funds to the address that was formerly here or the funds will be lost.

For the moment, I will handle Bitcoin donations manually. That means:

  • it might take a day or so for your donation to be handled. If you need goodies right now, use PayPal.
  • please do send an e-mail to after you've made a donation so I can check my wallet and credit you with goodies.
  • I will calculate the Euro value (for the goodies) based on the MtGox exchange rate valid when I handle the donation
  • as a small incentive so I can actually get some experience with Bitcoin, I will give a 20% bonus in goodie time for the first 10 Bitcoin donations.