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A Parted Dwilight


A summary of the origins and features of the Monsters, Undead, Zuma, Daimons, and Balance Keepers.


Faced with adversity, a young beast grows up and learns lessons about a strange new land. The two sisters travel through a world of mysteries, of wonders and dangers, to reunite with their mother. A story about growth, compassion, and family.


The great kings of ancient times rise from the dead, recalling their former glory. Though all have a desire to reclaim their kingdoms, even the eternally bound dead have intrigues in their courts. Perhaps some parts of humanity never die. A story about ambition, humanity, and morality.

Tribal Unity

Behind the dark veil and intense flames of the daimons there are those of living flesh, born not of fire but of the earth. In an age of uncertainty and famine, several leaders emerged to unite the tribes of men, putting aside their differences for a common cause. A story about ideals, differences, and acceptance.

Origin of Darkness

There are things which even the wisest daimon does not understand. Things which even the most powerful daimon fears. Somewhere beyond the border of the world the Infinite that had always existed stirs once more. To stop this greatest threat the daimons will have to enlist mortal aid. As they had once stolen the treasure of fire for themselves, so too will they steal the treasure of immortality for their mortal allies. A story about promises, fear, and heroism.


To inherit the cause of the Masters of old is no easy task. Not all are prepared for the requirements of such a burden. Two paths follow the many roads to the same great equilibrium.

One adventurous apprentice falls on the wrong side of the Keepers’ protocol, becoming an outcast. Yet in the worldly society of man, the outcast apprentice may yet discover the true meaning of the Balance. A story of individuality, betrayal, and reconciliation.

The heirs to the Masters' will stand against all enemies of the Balance, against all extremes, no matter their appearances. Thus when man ventures too close to the Light, no matter what its nature, the Keepers of Balance must once more take action on the mortal world they were sworn to guard. A story of faith, extremes, and conflicts.

Supplementary Material

A place for things that add to the general storyline.

OOC Notes

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