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Future expansions using the same engine as The Dream are being planned.

Content Funding

The main problem with 3D games is content - models, textures, sound effects, music, etc.

Tom has invested into a 3D engine (Unity 3D), a texture generator that solves most texture problems (Filter Forge) as well as bought models and audio content. Donations to BattleMaster have allowed this to happen, as costs are considerable.

Fans of The Dream on IRC came up with the idea of "fund drives". What that means is when Tom is working on a project that requires additional content, he will post here what content he needs (more or less specifically, depending on whether it's to be a surprise or not) and what the cost are. You can then mark your donation to BattleMaster as intended for expansion content, and all of those donations will be summed up and the content bought when enough donations are there.

<paypal> These donations go seperately from the regular BattleMaster donations (that means you don't get goodies for them), because otherwise keeping track of it all would be a hassle. They require the special donation link to the left, please use that link for donations for 3D content.

All donors, no matter how much or how little you donated, will get access to the beta version of the extensions that I'm working on. The top donors will also be mentioned in the credits. </paypal>

Content Bought

A short list of the content that I have bought for BattleMaster expansions, so you can see where donations are going to:

Content Wanted

Stuff that I want to buy for the next expansion. This is an ordered list, I'll be going down it as far as donations carry me, so the most important content is listed first, and further down it becomes more and more optional.

  1. UI skin
  2. Sound Effects
  3. Dungeon Pack ($10 = ca. 8 €) - some additional props that could be useful, not telling which ones...
  4. Thief Character ($119 = ca. 92 €) - as the in-game representation of an adventurer, definitely better suited than a knight.
  5. Scorpion ($32 = ca. 25 €) - a possible monster to use as an enemy
  6. Armoured Warrior ($52 = ca. 40 €) - an alternative for the knight or as an enemy
  7. Chicken ($17 = ca. 13 €) - to liven up farms a little.
  8. Skeleton Swarm ($119 = ca. 92 €) - undead enemies
  9. Gargoyle ($149 = ca. 115 €) - what a fantastic boss monster.

other stuff

for most of this stuff I don't have an immediate use, but I want to have a bookmark somewhere because I think it may come in useful later on.

  • Knight (30 €) - possible knight character, at least I've not yet found a better one, most of the others are too much fantasy.
  • Desert Plants (€30)
  • Palms (€30)
  • Brushwood (€30) - for more realistic woods, with fallen trees, etc.
  • buy motions - pretty expensive (they charge several bucks per motion, so it adds up really quick) but could be useful to add motions that stuff I buy is missing, e.g. a "pick up something" motion or more varied combat motions. Tests:
    • Tested successfully with the free 3drt models
    • No luck with the dexsoft models I own (villagers), though a follow-up by the mixamo people indicated putting them into T-pose might solve it. Will try again.

Sneak Peek

Here are some early previews of an upcoming project, still very early in development. Click on the images for a full-size view.

deep below
location scouting
outdoor scenery
night in the town