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Raymond Marshall
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I am Dorian Gray. I am, or was at one stage, an Editor, and my details are to the left.

I am aware that I am not using the meatspace name 'Raymond Marshall' here, or at the discussion list. This is for many reasons, one of which is that a great many of my online activities are under the name Dorian Gray. One of the others is my belief that if (especially on the mailing list) you are to write something under a name where others are able to find out more (such as my profile link above), it can cause conflicts when they mix up reality and game. However, since I became an Editor I've included that information, just in case particularly nosy people care.

It also helps when I'm in #bm that I don't have a character-specific name.

I've played two families, or at least two generations of the same family, in my time. You can check it out on the wiki link to the left.

You can see what I've done recently here.