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I apologise for not having been so active in the past week - my computer died and I must fight the rest of the family for laptop time. As it is, my time to play BM in general is reduced, let alone work on the wiki in any meaningful way, especially with the number of assignments that I'm having to work on (thankfully beginning to subside). Hopefully, my computer will be repaired within the next week and I will be able to return to working on the wiki. DorianGray 5 August 2005 16:13 (CEST)

I'm setting up my newly fixed and improved computer now (still on the laptop), so all will be well within a day or two :) DorianGray 6 August 2005 11:12 (CEST)


Thanks for the suggestion and teh great help! ;-)

I deeply thank you for the suggestion and teh great help concerning the newspaper template!

A Quick Question

From looking at your contributions, you seem to know a bit about Templates. I've tried making a couple, (here and here if you're interested) and on one of them I've run into a problem: not everybody needs all the values/varibles/thing-ies. When I was talking with Kristian, he mentioned something about "optional parameters". Have you ever heard of them?
(Gsklee thinks he saw them here and here, but he mentioned something about the BattleMaster Wiki not supporting them) ~ Marc J. December 25, 2005 00:54 (CET)

Responded on Marc J's talk page. DorianGray 26 December 2005 15:25 (CET)
My response ~ Marc J. December 26, 2005 21:49 (CET)