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Guilds are a relatively new addition to BattleMaster, which allow for like-minded players to band together in a common cause, regardless of their realm. A guild can only be formed by a local lord who constructs a guildhouse within his own region at a certain expense. Learn more about Guilds...

It is advised that before you record your own guild here amongst the other esteemed Guilds of the World, that you think hard whether the absence of your own guild from this list is intentional before proceeding


This guild seeks to promote a movement of patriotism, as well authoring a free newsletter.
This guild seeks to establish and develop various national styles of swordfighting.
A tribute to Mathew Hetland.
The Atamara Adventurer's Guild is a place where the nobles of Atamara can interact with those commoners who provide vital services.
The purpose of the guild is to gather writings – poems, song lyrics, stories, jokes etc. – from the nobles of Atamara.
  • Brotherhood of the Night
A guild for people who have darkness in their hearts.
A Darkan military service for hire.
A guild founded in Eston that focuses on gathering and analyzing intelligence, both domestic and foreign.
A guild to preserve the memory of Falasan and to serve as a gathering point for those who wish to drink to their old days.
  • Force of Nature
A guild created to fight against the monsters and undead that plague humanity and civilization.
Headquartered in Tellwood, lookin' ta do business wit' da entire island, don'tcha know?
The goal of this Guild is to spread Da Way, the message of Da Great Goat, to the world.
More an academy than a guild, the Order is a place for those who seek to teach, or learn, about all aspects of life as a troop leader.
  • The Perfect Guild
A now defunct guild for players of the famous card game Skat.
  • The White Guardians


For those who think a Balrog is no obstacle.
An inter-realm information network.
A small group of Celts, originally from the South of Atamara have decided it is time to set up a guild headquarters.
Nobles and Adventurers together against non-humanity!


The CLAN, Colonies Island branch
Secret society exerting political influence
A shadowy secret society whose purposes remain unknown
Defenders of the Trinity Religion
Order of Believers in the Code of the Word.
  • The Hall of Learning
Logic Reason Discovery
  • Usurers Anonymous
A loosely associated bunch of people devoted to gaining wealth.
A guild of artists and performers, based in Dark Citadel.
A place for great minds to gather.
For those who love stalking the wilderness in search of their next great trophy.

East Island


  • Astrum Knight Academy - An academy built to train squires and young knights of Astrum.
  • Cult of Bloodmoon - a guild dedicated to seers and soothsayers and men of a mystical nature who use the Bloodmoon fruit to read the future and influence the present.
  • Dwilight University - Where students and deans gather to discuss various matters.
  • The Golden Reavers - Blessed by sea and salt, the Golden Reavers storm across tempestuous seas in valiant pursuit of glory, greatness, and gold.
  • The Guardians of Humanity - A guild of North-East Dwilight, it strives to uphold the principles of all Knights in protedtion of humanity from the many horrors of the world
  • Keepers of Lore - A guild that seeks to gather stories and information from across the continent of Dwilight and gather it for all to read
  • SDSA - The Southern Dwilight Swordfighting Association, the home of the first competitive swordfighting league on Dwilight.
  • Thesaurum Venari - Treasure Hunters Guild provides a place for commoners to sell their goods to nobles and nobles to hire commoners for services.

Far East

Guild open to any and all traders
A guild dedicated to the eradication of rebellion, anarchy and chaos. No cost is too great in the eradication of these threats.
A guild devoted to protecting Lasanar and the memory of Daran Hawk.
Brotherhood of warriors working to preserve honour and valour in times of bloody warfare.
Military communication guild of Arcaea.
Guardians of the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia and Warriors of the Faith
A school of thought and philosophy devoted to standardizing the diplomatic process between realms as well as promoting and sharing advances in the four Arts (Combat, Trading, Bureaucracy, and Preaching) with members.
Promoting, protecting and educating others of the blood rights of nobles.
Dedicated to diplomacy and communication across the Far East.