The Colonial Brethren

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The Colonial Brethren is based in the Colonies and broadly speaking has two aims. The first is to serve the best interests of its members and the second is to preserve a rough balance of power in the Colonies. Any methods used in the pursuit of these aims is deemed justifiable and includes, but is not limited to, assasination.

Because of the means used to carry out its aims, the society keeps the identities of its members secret. The leadership of this organisation is, likewise, cloaked in secrecy and is probably the most powerful single body in the Colonies.


The main method used to cary out its aims is that of propelling its members into positions of authority. It counts nobles of every rank amongst its members and uses the powers of their positions within their realms to affect the course of events at every turn. At times members skilled in the art of assasination will be dispatched on missions to alter the political landscape of the Colonies overnight, at other times the society may orchestrate a full out war in order to further its aims.

At times the society will require members to work against the realm they call home for the loyslty of a member is first and foremost to the society. This is yet another reason for secrecy. The Colonial Brethren transcend political boundaries and reach deep into the heart of every realm.


Perspective members are invariably observed for a long period before they are approached by a member of the society who will invite them into the society. All perspective members are sworn to secrecy and, if they should decline the invitation, they will be watched 'til the end of their days to ensure they do not break the oath. For those who do, the penalty is death.

For those who accept the invitation a fascinating experience lies ahead. They are required to be prepared to give all to the soceity if ordered and in return the society will watch over them and use its influence to propel its members into positions of wealth and power.


Members may communicate with each other through a network of messengers sworn to secrecy. Furthermore, all orders are passed down through a long chain from the highest to the lowest to preserve secrecy.


The Colonial Brethren have safe houses in several regions across the Colonies where its members can meet. These safe houses are well hidden and well guarded. The only way to find one is to be shown its location by someone who already knows where it is.

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