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Keepers of Lore is a guild founded in Poryatu, on Dwilight, by Marquis Brom Silverfire. The Keepers of Lore is a guild dedicated to the gathering of lore from around the realm of Dwilight. All the stories, the curious ones, some charming, others entertaining, the very few enlightening ones, we seek to gather and keep safe in our archives. Nobles from all realms are welcome to join the Keepers of Lore and to gather stories for our library.

Guild Structure

Advancement through the guild is based on contributions of lore, (stories about different regions throughout the continent) that are accepted into the library. Pieces of Lore must be uniquely gathered by the submitter and should have been gathered after having spent some time in the region, learning and living in the area. All pieces must be submitted to the Elders of the guild for review. Once approved by the Elders, the lore shall be added to the guild library for the public viewing.

All those interested in the guild first join as aspirants. After one accepted submission, an aspirant shall be promoted to Lore Gatherer. After a second accepted submission, Lore Archiver, and after a third be promoted to full member as Keeper of Lore.

For those, that wish to support the guild, but do not necessarily want to participate in its activities, there is the rank of Lore Sponsor. Holders of this rank, will help with the monthly maintenance of our libraries and guild houses. This can also be for those that would like to contribute in addition to seeking advancement within the guild.

Lords who build a guild house in their region will be granted the title of Sponsoring Guildmaster, until they achieve the necessary requirements for full membership.


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