Keepers of Lore/Writing Guide

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You would like to contribute but you do not know where to begin? You could start out from choosing a region that you spend some time in or plan to do so in the near future. Pick a region that inspires you for one reason or another. Perhaps it has a name that has to have a story behind it, or you know of some interesting incidents that have taken place there. Or perhaps it just looks interesting geographically.

A piece of lore can mean many things. It can be a poem or a song, or it can be a description of a geographical feature in a region. But just as well it can be a short story about people who live there, a legend of a mysterious incident that supposedly has taken place or a description of an animal or plant that is typical of the area. The main thing is that it is something you have imagined.

It might be a good idea to talk to the locals and see if they have something that could inspire you.

When you write, do not worry about spelling and grammar too much. There are others who can fix those for you once you submit your contribution. Also do not worry about if it is consistent with the roleplays of the others, or even with the other contributions. This is why before posting it to our archives you first submit it to the guild for a review.

Quite simply, get writing!