The Warriors of Valhalla

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The Warriors of Valhalla

History, Purpose, and Beliefs

The Warriors of Valhalla was founded by Ender O'Neil of the Barony of Makar. Since its conception it has yet to spread beyond the borders of the Barony of Makar, a fact Ender considers just fine. "There arent enough true Vikings outside of the borders of the Frozen North anyway.", He has been known to say.

The Warriors of Valhalla was founded for the sole purpose of creating a gathering place for Vikings who wish to seek the glory of death in battle. Each viking in the Warriors of Valhalla believe that their ultimate goal is to seek glory and death in battle so that their spirit may find its home in the Halls of Valhalla amongst the great Gods.

The religious beliefs of the vikings of the Warriors of Valhalla differ slightly, though most pray to one god or another of the Pantheon of Norse Gods. Most members of the Warriors are also members of the Hörgr of Makar, which preserves the faith and helps spread the viking way of life.

The Fate of the Guild

What happened to the Warriors of Valhalla, no one is sure. One fateful day the guildhouses simply vanished from the ground they had sat upon for years and their name slipped slowly from the tongues of all who had once sang their praise. As time went on the only mention of the guild appeared in the occasional ode or child's tale. It would speak of men who stood as tall as trees and fought with the strength of the gods, their weapons the size of longboats. Some say all the guild members vanished into the forests, taking on the shape of the mists, and appearing after a battle to claim the dead and add them to their ranks. It is said that they were the ideals of Valhalla incarnate, the truest vikings to ever live. Legend even speaks that Odin himself sat as head of the guild.

Wild speculation and legend may be all that remains, but those with keen eyes and wise minds soon noticed the Warriors of Valhalla did not truly fade. If one looked close enough they would catch the sunlight shining on the golden bands they all wore as signs of their allegiance to the Ring Giver, leader of the Guild. And if one looked closely at the banners flown in the midst of the bloodiest battles they would see a single rune etched onto the edges that resembled the mark of the guild.

Whispers, legends, ghosts. Whether it will ever truly return to Atamara is unknown.


These are the guidelines for the Warriors of Valhalla as listed in the guildhalls.

  • :W: , this is the symbol of the Warriors of Valhalla! Keep this in your troop names so that we can see one another in battle and strike fear in the hearts of our foe!
  • Duels amongst your fellow Warriors are encouraged! Report who wins and loses so that the victor can be given their proper glory!
  • Drink deeply of your meads, ales, and wines. Every viking should find joy in their drink!

The Rule of the Warriors of Valhalla

Stay strong and fight hard, never run from a fight!


Records indicate that at the Guild's strongest, two of the greatest guild houses ever seen in Atamara were built in Icegate and Makar. Several smaller buildings used by guild members to convene existed throughout the land, but these stood as symbols of their might.

Of the guild house in Icegate, no one knows what came of it as the temple of the Hörgr of Makar was built anew upon the faith's founding. The temple of the Hörgr in Makar is believe to be the old guild house simply taken over by the faith to serve a new purpose. Many say that the great house holds many passages that lead into darkness and many stairways that drop down into the heart of the earth that no man dares venture down. Some believe that should they ever follow these paths they would find lost records of an ancient guild and the gold stores from years of looting.

When asked, Ender, founder of the guild, always refused to answer and it is presumed that the secret was taken with him to his grave.

The Mark of the Warriors

Each member of the Warriors of Valhalla keeps on their person a gold ring bearing the runes of the guild around the surface. These rings are forged specially from looted gold taken from all around Atamara.

Warlords are given a badger-skin hat with large horns to further inspire fear in their enemies on the battlefield.


A scrap of parchment found wedged between records of mead based transactions was found to contain information on the rankings of the guild.

  • Ring Giver: The Founder of the Warriors of Valhalla and leader. The name originated from the founder, Ender O'Neil, when he gave golden rings to all members of the guild.
  • Elder Champions: The greatest warriors of the guild and often times the oldest. They have seen their fair share of battle and are looked to as prime examples of a Viking. They may be looked to for matters of guild business such as choosing new members or allowing older members to rise in rank.
    • Current Elders
      • Sordnaz, Dictator of the Barony of Makar, Duke of Sale
      • Dr Sceptre, Baron of the Howling Waste
      • Salem, Founder of the Hörgr of Makar
      • Edgar, Former General of the Barony of Makar
      • Harod, Esteemed Elder Viking
  • Warlord: The Warlords consists of five of the most brutal and warlike Vikings in the Warriors of Valhalla. These vikings have their share of scars, each telling a story of a different battle, and have downed more than their fair share of ale barrels. When one of the Elder Champions falls in battle and rises to Valhalla, one of the Warlords will rise to take their place. Warlords receive their position by duelling the current Ring Giver and winning, or two of the Elders and winning each duel.
    • Current Warlords
      • El Az, Count of Fiddleford
      • Hang, Duke, General of Barony of Makar
      • Ian, Baron of Yule
      • Epsilon, Baron of Lower Tell
      • Arya, Knight of Icegate
  • Berserkers: The true members of the Warriors of Valhalla. Vikings who have proven themselves worthy in battle and in the taverns.
  • Warrior Aspirants: Those young vikings that have just entered into the life of battle or the life of a true viking and have yet to prove their worth!

Duel Board

Here lies a list of the recorded duels of the members of the Warriors of Valhalla. They are by no means complete.

Duel Board

Challenger Challenged Result
Ender Sordnaz Sordnaz
Ender Hang Ender
Ender Hang Hang
Ender Hang Ender
Harod Ender Harod
Harod gorge gorge
Harod gorge gorge
gorge Ender gorge
gorge Harod Harod
gorge Ian gorge
Vig gorge Vig
Vig Epsilon Vig
Ender Vig Ender
Harod Hang Harod
Harod Hang Harod
Derackson Rifter Derackson
Harod Nemo Harod
Epsilon Ender Epsilon
Golrug Harod Harod
Phibrizo Golrug Phibrizo
Jens Artur Artur
Sordnaz Golrug Sordnaz
Golrug Henry Golrug
Golrug Anna Golrug
Mattimeo Golrug Golrug


Name Wins Losses
Ender 3 5
Harod 6 2
Vig 2 1
Hang 1 4
gorge 4 2
Sordnaz 2 0
Rifter 0 1
Nemo 0 1
Epsilon 1 1
Derackson 1 0
Golrug 3 3
Phibrizo 1 0
Anna 0 1
Henry 0 1
Mattimeo 0 1

Duels to the Death

Whether with another Warrior or with a Foreign Noble, here are the records of the brave Vikings who dueled their opponents to the death!

  • Ian (Warrior of Valhalla) vs Mitsuhide

Result: Ian was wounded slightly but struck Mitsuhide down. Not being a true viking, Mitsuhide will not find a place in the Halls of Valhalla.

  • Ender (Warrior of Valhalla) vs Sukira (Foreigner)

Result: Both combatants were seriously wounded but survived.