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The Capashin Brewery was established in Picnu, under the flag of Falasan, by Torin Capashin. Upon its opening hundreds of peasents came from far and wide to sample the now famous Capashin Ale. Since then the Capashin Brewery has grown in size (level 3) and is now the largest tourist attraction in Picnu. Various nobles have stopped by, enjoying the fine ales in the Brewery's bar. Even Queen Cathrine has been known to visit upon occasion. A second brewery has just been constructed in Tucha, with plans for a third to be built soon near Barad Falas,



  • Capashin Ale- The trademark drink of the brewery, loved by all
  • Capashin Select- The classic Capashin Ale brewed longer and under slightly different conditions to create a bolder taste
  • Torin's Premium Ale- The strongest drink known to man, used only for very special occasions, or to make captives talk.


  • Mapan Ale- The well known ale from the Ash Sea Islands

Associated Nobles

  • Abraham, Royal Treasurer of Falasan, Baron of Chato
  • Cathrine, Queen of Falasan
  • Diruo, Count of Cheltenborne, Marshal of the army of York
  • Dnight (Knight of Lothruin)
  • Ergle (Knight of Cori)
  • Haverbrook (Knight of Tucha)
  • Hector (Knight of Cori)
  • Illidan (Knight of Anfalas)
  • joel, Count of Anfalas
  • Keiichi, Marchioness of Worav
  • Kit (Knight of Picnu)
  • Malice, King of Ash Sea Islands - Left in disgust at Duke Torin's secession
  • Omerus, Count of Beleriel
  • Orl Fane, Count of Aigaling
  • Rourke (Knight of Barad Gardor)
  • Sioban, Baroness of Picnu
  • Tathar (Knight of Picnu)
  • Valanduil (Knight of Stargard)
  • Zopyros (Knight of Barad Falas)


  • New Brewery built in Tucha
  • Picnu's Brewery Upgraded to Level 3