The Wolves of the Phoenix

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The Wolves of the Phoenix


Summary The Wolves of the Phoenix is a guild established on the basis of honor. The code of life is to be followed at all times. There is no interpretation of the code, it is life. All Wolves of the Phoenix fight for honor, glory, and the well being of each other. We fight our enemies and honor our allies until death.

We are never to give up, for that in itself is weakness. We welcome all who are willing to accept this way of life. And all who accept it will be rewarded with the greatest amount of honor and glory possible for the way of the wolf is life.

Code of Life

Your weapon is your life, heart, mind, and soul. For you not to have it is to claim that you do not exist

You must live your life by the seven virtues; without these virtues your life is not complete and you are better off dead then alive.

1) Rectitude

2) Courage

3) Benevolence

4) Respect

5) Honesty

6) Honor

7) Glory

You must always follow the command of a superior rank, and if you disobey, the greatest punishment shall be your fate.

If you are to draw your weapon in battle, you must be capable of killing swiftly without hesitation. For hesitation will only result in your own demise.

You must accept the idea that you are to fight until your last breath of life.

You must never accept surrender; it is not an option.

You must honor your weapon and honor the Code.

If you shall not follow the Code, honor your weapon, or flee from fear and death. You shall be shunned from the Wolves until you are able to regain your honor. All “Master Less” are to avoid all guild members and functions until they prove their honor has returned. “Master Less” are the dishonorable and low scum and not even death is worse then this position.

Full Time Appeal

All Wolves must have their weapons at all times. Members are to wear a blue and white haori to all guild functions and while on guild business to signify who they are. It is called for that you keep your skills sharp. So try to attend to the academy as much as possible. Also, dueling is seen as an honorable and fitting way to hone one's skills.

Chain Of Command

Arch Commander (First in command/ Founder): Beowulf

Vice Commander (Second in command): Enzeru

Military Advisor (General): Grimbaldus

Treasurer (Banker): ---

Senior Troop Captain: ---

Major Troop Captain: ---

Junior Troop Captain: ---

Lieutenant: ---

Soldier: ---

Scouts: ---

Squire: ---

Master Less:---



Ieara (2)


Offical Guild Food

We, The Wolves of the Phoenix keep a very high importance for "Pie" and "Chips", which is always free at all guild houses; all who visit are entitled. You see the great thing about free pie and chips is it's pie with chips for free, now nobody can go wrong with that.