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Those who have knowledge, do not predict. Those who predict, do not have knowledge.
Argus is an inter-realm information network operating on Beluaterra and beholden to neither personal nor political interest. As such, it may be considered a tool to be wielded by the right individual(s). The Argus network is decentralized and highly disciplined, with every cell utilizing the same procedures and guidelines. Your individual contact may vary, but the modus operandi will not. There is a non-linear path toward Argus' management in the event that it is needed. Rarely will a client be granted the opportunity to speak with anyone other than their primary contact, however. Additionally, Argus' internal structure is such that torture reports will reveal no more than the captured individual's cell and possibly a single member of another cell--nothing more.

Strict confidentiality is maintained with each client (and potential recruits). Argus will not operate on both sides of any given conflict. Argus is not a profit-driven organization. Typically, it asks for a favor in return for the desired information. Sometimes the payment is gold, more often it is not. The exact details of each transaction are finalized before anyone commits to anything.

You do not make initial contact Argus directly. Since discretion is of the utmost importance, Argus occasionally sends out a private invitation to Rulers only. The ruler remains the only point of contact with Argus throughout the duration of the relationship. Should a ruler vacate their position for whatever reason, that relationship will have to be re-established.

All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.