The Velvet Embrace

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NOTE: Work in progress. Information will change and get added.

The Velvet Embrace houses are places where nobles can gather and spend an relaxing evening. There are beautiful women(and men) available to entertain the customers, be it through conversation or between the bed sheets. There are games and gambling available as well as music, singing and good food and drinks.

In essence, the houses are a combination of bar, brothel and gambling house, but they are of high quality and aimed solely at nobles.

Important Out-Of-Character Notes

  • The “guild” is 99% role-play. There isn't really any other purpose other than to offer a place for some fun RP. If you can't handle that, don't bother joining.
  • The Non-Player Characters described for each guild house are freely controllable by all players
  • Your character is unlikely to know of the guild unless some other noble has mentioned it to him or he has been in a region with a guild house.

The In-Character Basics

The entertainers in the houses are well dressed and trained. They bathe daily and they have been taught to act in a manner that is appropriate in the company of a noble.

Customers are free to enter the houses openly or secretly, both options are available. They can hide their true identity behind masks if they so wish. All business done inside the houses is fully confidential and precautions are in place to thwart any information leaks.

Guild House Locations

A list of where the guild has houses. Each house should have a fairly detailed description of what sort of a building it is, what sort of entertainment there is to offer and so on.


The ranks of the guild. They have certain benefits and certain restrictions imposed on them. Some limit what you character can actually do inside a guild house and some restrict how he can do certain things. Please, try to follow them.

Elder Ranks

  • Mistress: The leader of the entire guild.
  • Manager: Builder and/or manager of one of the guild houses.

Member Ranks

  • V.I.P. Member: The V.I.P. Members have access to certain benefits that normal members do not. In exchange for their increased monthly fee, they get free drinks and free time with the entertainer of their choice. They are also granted some amount of credit in gambling games.
  • Member: The standard rank for any full member of the guild. Their monthly fee grants them access to the guild houses, but they will have to pay separately for the food, drinks and entertainment they consume during their stay.