The Order of the Dragon

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The guild can be found in the central mountains of Atamara. The head quarters are at the holy mountain in Nazia but the first guildhouse was build in Galadia where it can still be found.


The order was formed under mysterious circumstances on a gold mountaintop in Nazia. The following is the tale that are told about the event:

Nemethos slowly walks up to the cold snowy top of the flat central mountain of Nazia. Some on the locals call this odd looking mountain top Howlwind due to the curious howling that comes from it in light winds when the lower slopes are covered in mist thick as wool. Many claim to have seen the lost souls of murdered highlanders fly swiftly by in the fog as dark shadows. Summoned by the howling of the god Fais, ruler of the lost and haunted. But this night the sky was clear and the stars shone brightly above in the clear cold air and soon he reached the top. There he met a lone, tall man standing by a hole in the flat top.

Greetings young Nemethos! Have you brought the things requested?” He said. Nemethos would have said yes but the word got stock in his throat so he replied with a nod. “Good, then follow me!” He turned and walked down into the hole. As Nemethos followed he heard the hole being closed behind him by a large stone slate and the darkness surrounding him from behind. He followed the man in front and as he saw a supernatural light flow from the man illuminating the tunnel below, he realized he was his uncle Dakthohol. This was not the best sign he could have had for nobody knew what he was up to. Most likely this was going to painful and dangerous. As these thoughts rushed through his head he found himself entering a large round hall some 30 meters across. Bordering the perimeter was a low stone bench and a low, round alter stood in the middle of the room lid by a large gloving prism hanging from the vaulting ceiling. Dakthohol walked up to the alter, waved Nemethos to the other side and said: “Hand me the scarf.” Nemethos took out the red scarf folded around something and put it down on the alter. “Have you followed the instructions carefully?” as Nemethos nodded and Dakthohol continued in a more formal voise:

We are gathered here as you have requested permission to form and lead a knightly order under the banner of Drachenwald. You fell ready to take this responsibility upon your young shoulders?” Nemethos felt the room scrimp around him as he nodded again. Was he really ready for it. Well now the road only ran ahead. “You understand that you will have to uphold the codex of the Saladi’ilm at all times or you will be hunted down and killed by all Saladi’ilm.” Almost without waiting for the accept from Nemethos he continued: “As agreed this will mark the formation of the first knightly order of Drachenwald and the Saladi’ilm. It’s name shall be

Order of the Dragon

and it’s members shall be know as the

Dragon Dragoons

I hereby instate you and give you the title of Draconigena prima and place it upon you to live by this simple codex of the order:

Firstly - Family and Order of the Dragon above all Secondly - The Word and Honour of a Dragon Dragoon is sacred Thirdly - Death is natural to the defender of the Order.

Then he opened the scarf and took out the item inside one by one.

The wings of the Peregrine gives you speed, agility and efficiency when facing the enemy as well as great mobility. The hide of the dabchick will protect you from all mental, material and spiritual bad weather and warm the inner glow of the Order. The black feather of the raven will give you it’s omniscience and it will follow you into battle and give you victory.

Hold out your hand…

The red scarf represents the blood shed by the enemy and sacrificed for the Order

By this Nemethos saw a golden flash of a holy blade and felt the pain in his palm as blood dipped down onto the scarf.

Arsh narq drokthiol draconiathriolith foram’ilg! Saladi’ilm tohkanan holo framthilth ni’olth’k tiloth Nemethos! cried Dakthohol as a bright light sprang from the alter, from Dakthohol’s hands and hit Nemethos hard in the chest and threw him against the wall of the room.

When Nemethos regained conscience he saw Dakthohol standing in front of him holding a gloving stick. His chest was very painful and the smell of burned hair and flesh filled his nose. He reached up to his chest and felt a large scar but as he was about to look down on it Dakthohol held up a shield with two dancing grebes, black on the bright red background in front of the shadow of his family emblem. “This is you shield of the Order, there is the wings of the falcon - your dark blue cape with the Peregrine Falcon and there is the Raven banner of the order.” he said pointing at the alter. Now you are the Order and the Order are you. The blood of the Dragon runs strong in your veins and now you only need to be written into the secret book. Follow me. As Dakthohol said this he touched the wall behind Nemethos and a hidden door sprang open. ”You open it by pressing here… and twisting like this. By the way the emblem of the Order is burned black into your chest. Ware it visible in battle.” They disappeared into the secrets chambers of the Order of the Dragon.