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The Celtic Order is a new guild to the continent of Beluaterra. A small group of Celts, originally from the South of Atamara have decided it is time to set up a guild headquarters. With Erin, the King of the Celts having being appointed Count of Sotrebar, Heen the first Guildhouse was constructed.

Guild: Celtic Order COGuildSpread.png
"Gra, Dilseacht, Cairdeas." - "Love, Loyalty, Friendship."
High Ranks: Chieftain of the Celts Erin O'Deaghaidh High Guildhouse Sotrebar - Magnificent Guildhouse
Clan Administrator Fror Dwarvenite
Thrydwulf Grancourt
Other Guildhouses: Latlan - Small Guildhouse
Kif - Small Guildhouse
Kording - Large Guildhouse
King of the Celts Concobhar O'Deaghaidh
Queen of the Celts
Heir to the Celtic Crown
Guardian of the Celtic Order Naal O'Hlomhair
Medium Steele
Celtic Diplomat to Foreign Realm Student Ranks: Honorary Celt Plagueis Orgauth
Beatrice Grancourt
Guild House Owner Tissaphernes Ulthran
Mark Anthony Obeji
Evan Mac Watt
Alastar Mac Bhaididh
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Warrior Ranks: Hound of Erin Marzo Zond {{{Rank93}}} {{{SR93}}}
Gallóglaigh {{{Rank94}}} {{{SR94}}}
Cliarthairi {{{Rank95}}} {{{SR95}}}
Fianadi {{{Rank96}}} {{{SR96}}}
Woad Warrior {{{Rank97}}} {{{SR97}}}
Kern Student of Celtic Clans
Highlander Student of Celtic Culture Aodhan Wolfe
Nikki Dwarvenite
Octavia Obeji
Gabrielle Zond
True Celtic Warrior Aspirant Ranks: Student
Blood Celt Trained Warband
Proven Honorary Celtic Warrior Warband
Honorary Celtic Warrior Caroline Tinsley Lesser Warband
Recruits: None

Born in nobility, fallen to disgrace, arisen again to inherit the earth; in the bonds of blood and kinship, the Celts stand united.

Bravery, honor, and loyalty are the greatest assets of a true Celt. There is no one more tenacious in combat, determined in action, or reliable in a pinch than a man or woman of the tartan. Yet among the accolades that the Celts hold dearest, none is greater than Kin

The Celtic Order is not a mere guild, but a true family to all those that hail to the Celtic clans.

The Celtic Order is a clan to unite all clans, a family to all true Celts, that seeks to reestablish the once indomitable “Celtic Nation” and restore the glory and true heritage of the Celtic people.

Celticknottiny.jpgThe Celtic Order

Chieftain of the Celts: The leader of the Celts, the person who keeps the Clans united.

Clan Administrator: The person who runs the Guilds day to day affairs.

Guild Historian: The person who keeps records of the Guild and run the Library.

Defender of the Celtic Order: The Defender of the Guild. (Only one person can have this rank. Must be a Hero. Must live in the Celtic Homeland of Heen.)

GuildMaster's Council: People in this position help the GuildMaster run the guild in its day to day affairs. As well as recruitment and talking local Lords and Dukes into building Guild houses.

Master Brewer: Master of Stout, Ale, Lager and any other Alcohol. Comes out with Brews exclusively for the guildmates.

Celtic Diplomat to Foreign Realm: Diplomat to Foreign Realm. Deals with opening new guild houses outside the Celtic Homeland and Recruits.

Guild House Owner: A Duke or Lord who opens up a Guild house in his region or city.

Hound of Erin: The True Berserker of the Celtic Order. Savagery is an understatement with these select few. (Can be a Mercenary.)

Gallóglaigh: Celtic Order Elite. (Can be a Mercenary.)

Cliarthairi: Heavy Infantry. (Can be a Mercenary.)

Fianadi: Heavy Infantry. (Can be a Mercenary.)

Woad Warrior: A brave vanguard warrior, light and fast, paint themselves blue before battle.

Kern: Light Infantry.

Highlander: Light Infantry.

True Celtic Warrior: A True Blooded Celt that had proven him or herself in battle multiple times.

Blood Celt: Someone that has gone through the Guild’s training and has fought many battles with the guild. Also has documented proof that he or she has at least one grandparent that is a Celt.

Proven Honorary Celtic Warrior: A highly trusted Honorary Celt that has proven him or herself in battle.

Honorary Celtic Warrior: An Honorary Celt that has been deemed worthy to fight with the Celtic Order.

Honorary Celt: Someone who has gone through and passed the Guild’s training.

Student of Celtic Leadership G.3: Higher Grade.

Student of Celtic Leadership G.2: Higher Grade.

Student of Celtic Leadership G.1: Someone who is learning the ways of Celtic Leadership.

Student of Celtic Combat Grade 3: Higher Rank.

Student of Celtic Combat Grade 2: Higher Rank.

Student of Celtic Combat Grade 1: Someone who is being introduced to Celtic Warfare.

Student of Celtic Clans: A student who is learning of the Clans in the Guild.

Student of Celtic Culture: Someone who is learning the Celtic way of life.

Student: Fresh into the Guild’s training.

Trained Warband: Wishful people.

Warband: Wishful people.

Lesser Warband: Very wishful person.

Recruit: Just joined our wonderful Guild.


Medals of the Celtic Order.

Celtic Claymore.pngThe Celtic Claymore: Given to successful leaders within the Celtic Order.

Celtic Dirk.pngThe Celtic Dirk: Given to those who have proven themselves in battle over and over again.

Celtic Tree.pngThe Celtic Tree: Given to those who die in the service of the Celtic Order.

Celtic Sash.pngThe Green Tartan Sash: Given to anyone who goes above and beyond in the heat of battle. Even if defeat seems certain.

Buckler of Honour.pngThe Buckler of Honour: Anyone who defends the Celtic Order’s Honour in a Duel to the Death.

Chieftain's Shield.pngChieftain's Shield: Anyone who defends the King of the Celts.

Medal's Given

Naal O'Hlomhair Celtic Claymore,

The Buckler of Honour,

The Green Tartan Sash

Mark Anthony Obeji Celtic Dirk
Alastar Mac Bhaididh Celtic Dirk.

The Celtic Claymore

Hericus Le-Fay Celtic Claymore
Jadine Baraedor Chieftain's Shield
Thrydwulf Grancourt Chieftain's Shield
Erin O'Deaghaidh Celtic Tree
Medium Steele Chieftain's Shield

The Green Tartan Sash

Seamus O'Deaghaidh The Celtic Tree
Fror Dwarvenite The Green Tartan Sash
Liam O'Deaghaidh The Celtic Tree

Celticknottiny.jpgCeltic Nobility - Laws

Celtic Order Code of Nobility

1.1 There are none greater than your Kin – This should sum up what the Celtic order is all about, we are brothers and sisters, we live and die together. If one of us is in trouble, then we are all in the same situation.
1.2 Treat everyone within the Guild as if they were your own Family – I cannot see any reason why this should not be taken to heart, Treat others as you would have them do unto you!
1.3 Where one stands, so do all! – We travel and fight as one unit, during times of war we fight together, never against each other.

Laws within the Guild

1. If a member of the guild has a problem with any actions of another, then the guild council must be informed, then appropriate actions will be taken. Do not take matters into your own hands.
2. Realm status does not matter, when guild matters are being discussed the guild ranks apply. The Clan chief has the final say.
3. Do not discuss realm matters within the guild, realm matters should not be spoken off within the guild.
4. Always be polite and courteous to others within the guild, this applies to everyone, even the chief.
5. Council decisions are final, only when a majority of the council disagrees with a motion may it be overturned and re-examined.

Guild Punishments

1. Verbal warning from a council member
2. Written warning from council member
3. Chieftain warning – when the chief warns you, its serious!
4. Demoted to student rank – you need to learn the ways of the Celtic order if it gets this far.
5. Asked to leave

Please read these carefully for these are the foundations that the guild is built upon. Celtic law is final within the Celtic order!

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