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The House Da Hadez originates in the realm of Darka on the continent of Atamara.


For some time there has been a notable lack of rumours regarding the Da Hadez family. Given their history many consider this highly suspicious.

Family News

Newer reports and articles are shown first.

Asha Da Hadez Arrives in Oritolon

A young noblewoman claiming to be the daughter of the former Baroness Brina Da Hadez has arrived in Oritolon. Though there was little notice or fanfare of Asha Da Hadez prior to her arrival those who know the Da Hadez name will be watching her with interest.

Brina and Ayden Leave Oritolon

With no explanation or warning both Baroness Brina Da Hadez and Minister of War Ayden Da Hadez are reported to have boarded a ship destined for Atamarra. though some time has passed no news of their arrival or the reason for thweir departure has reached the colonies.

Brina Appointed Marshal

At the request of her brother, Minister of War Ayden Da Hadez, Baroness Brina Da Hadez has been appointed Marshal of The Army of Oritolon.

Ayden Appointed General

Ayden Da Hadez has been appointed Minister of War of Oritolon.

Ayden Appointed Vice-Marshal

Ayden Da Hadez has been appointed vice-marshal of the main Army of Oritolon.

Brina Announced as Vice-Marshal

It has been publicly stated that Brina Da Hadez will become the new vice-marshal of Oritolon's elite army, The Dragons of Oritolon.

Ayden Appointed Chief Historian

As part of the ongoing reformation of Oritolon Ayden Da Hadez has been appointed Chief Historian of the realm.

Brina Appointed Baroness

After a few short days in Oritolon Brina Da Hadez was surprised to find herself appointed Baroness of Iglavik; a title held for many years by her mother Erisha until the time of her death. Despite Brina's newness to the realm her position as a knight of Iglavik and her family's strong ties there are said to have vindicated her claim to the title.

Karion Killed In Battle

Karion Da Hadez has been killed while leading his men in a cavalry charge during a battle defending a takeover attempt by Sirion of the Fontan region of Braga from an assault by Fontanese forces. Sirion won the battle but the takeover was broken.

Severn Promoted To Marshal

After long years of service as second-in-command Severn Da Hadez has been promoted to Marshal of The Northern Guard, Darka's homeland defence and maintenance army.

Karion Promoted To Vice-Marshal

Karion Da Hadez has been named second-in-command of The Red Dragons; Sirion's elite army.

Severn Returns Home

Following his return to the position of Count of Eurotan Severn Da Hadez has finally re-acquired his ancient family estates in Eurotan and has brought together the long separated threads of his family and household there. He is thought to be as happy to have returned to his childhood home as the peasants are to see the Da Hadez banner flying there once again, as it has for generations.

Karion Thriving in Sirion

Karion Da Hadez is said to have settled in will to his new home in Sirion. He has established a reputation as a skilled warrior and his respected cavalry unit 'The Red Shanks' have recently been assigned to Sirion's elite army 'The Red Dragons'.

Severn Reappointed Count of Eurotan

Severn Da Hadez, who has for some years as Baron of Bitana has returned to his former position as Count of Eurotan. His return is described as bitter-sweet for although he had always desired to return to his family's home it was only the death of his friend Count Angadialas Greenleaf in a duel that made this return possible.

Karion Arrives On East Continent

Karion Da Hadez, a newly trained knight originally from Darka, has arrived in the East Continent and pledged his allegiance to the realm of Sirion.

Erisha Slain in Tragic Battle

Erisha Da Hadez arrived in Alebad on the day following the establishment of the new realm of Minas Thalion in order to join the realm and claim her agreed position as ruler of the new realm. However, a tragic mistake by a young Oritolon noble sparked a battle between the forces of the new realm and those of it's creator and motherland, Oritolon. It is said that Erisha was killed while trying to reach the Minas Thalion commander and convince him to bring an end to the fight.

Janna Disappears

Grand Shield Maiden Janna Da Hadez has not been seen since the fall of Brackhead to The Barony of Makar and the destruction of Norland. According to one of the handful of peasants to survive the slaughter in Brackhead the former general of the realm has renounced her nobility in response to the outrages perpetrated against her people by supposedly noble realms.

Janna Promoted to General

With the imprisonment of Norland's ruler Xaphan and subsequent election of Thane Jarl Valak as ruler Baroness Janna Da Hadez has been promoted to Grand Shield Maiden of Norland and charged with the desperate defence of Norland against the combined forces of Minas Ithil, Darka, Eston and Barony of Makar.

Janna Wounded by Assassin

Baroness Janna Da Hadez was attacked on the streets of Mansbridge by a Minas Ithil Assassin. The assailant was identified as Escent, the assassin guilty of an earlier assault on Norland's ruler Xaphan Vanimedle'.

Erisha To Rule New Realm

Baroness Erisha Da Hadez of Oritolon is rumoured to have been chosen to lead a new realm based around the recently captured Duchy of Alebad in the North-East corner of Ortiolon.

Janna Becomes Baroness

In recognition of her military service Marshal Janna Da Hadez has been appointed Baroness of Shiverwood.

Janna Promoted to Marshal

Janna Da Hadez has been promoted to Marshal of the Army of Odin's Spear; Norland's primary army.

Janna Promoted to Vice-Marshal

Janna Da Hadez has been promoted to Second In Command of the Army of Odin's Spear; Norland's primary army.

Janna Flees Darka

The somewhat notorious Janna Da Hadez is reported to have fled Darka following an incident when she attacked a nobleman of good standing. There are few details of the incident and the victim remains nameless. Her family refuse to discuss the circumstances of her disappearance.

Severn Proclaimed 'Protector of Northern Darka'

Severn Da Hadez has been named second-in-command of Darka's homeland defense army; The Northern Guard. As such he is now responsible for the security of Northern Darka.

Karith Executed

The heart of the Far East continent is in uproar at the execution of Karith Da Hadez. In his last act before his city and realm fell the judge of the now extinct realm of Ethiala, Feo Delgano, executed Karith, using a legal loophole to claim Karith as a traitor to Ethalia. This act has outraged many on both sides of the now concluded war.

Severn Chastised for Rash Actions

Severn Da Hadez has been publicly chastised for rushing to the defense of his neighbours in Alani who were being ravaged by an undead army. Rather then stand by and watch while Darka's home guard rallied he instead led a hopeless charge against the invaders in a desperate attempt to stall their slaughter of the local population and aid the efforts of Alani's Lord Keung.

Karith Wins Second Tournament

Less than a fortnight after gaining the title of champion swordsman of the Far East in the Anacan tournament Karith Da Hadez has successfully defended his title in the tournament in Nocaneb, beating his liege Louis in the final. He did not do so well in the jousting competition but he confesses to a lifelong dislike of horses.

Karith Wins His First Tournament

A bare week after emerging from obscurity to become a knight of Ohnar West Karith Da Hadez has set tongues wagging by winning the sword-fighting tournament in Anacan. Though this was only a small tournament he is expected to do well in the much larger contest of martial skills to be held in soon Nocaneb.

Karith Becomes a Knight

After years of life as an anonymous adventurer in the Far East Karith Da Hadez has rejoined the nobility and become a knight of Upasael in the realm of Ohnar West.

R'Guard Slain

There are convincing reports that R'guard Da Hadez has been slain whilst leading a pair of companions on a doomed charge against a large group of undead in foothills of the region of Eurotan in [{Darka]]. Though no corpse has yet been retrieved it is certain that he and his companions could not have survived a melee against such odds.

R'Guard Disappears from Norland

As mysteriously and quietly as he arrived former General and Baron of Shiverwood R'guard Da Hadez has apparently left Norland. Leaving his estates in Shiverwood untouched he and his unit, The Hel-Blár, have simply vanished from sight.

R'Guard Steps Down As General

General R'guard Da Hadez of Norland has given up his position, citing reasons of personal honour.

R'Guard Predicts Total War In Atamara

General R'guard Da Hadez is thought to now believe it inevitable that the war between Norland and Minas Ithil will now spill over into the whole of Atamara. The spiralling of events after the Barony of Makar's surprise attack on Minas Ithil troops in Elost in response to Minas Ithil's alleged facilitating sabotage in Norland by allied priests has resulted in Minas Ithil declaring all agreements to contain the war between the two realms null and void and to call on aid from all allies.

R'Guard Becomes Baron of Shiverwood

R'guard Da Hadez has recently been appointed Baron of Shiverwood. Reports indicate that this came as complete surprise to the recently appointed General.

R'Guard Appointed General of Norland

With the capture of General Evil in a desperate battle in Elost R'guard Da Hadez has been given the duty of High Marshal of Norland's armies and charged with the task of regaining the land taken in recent months by the forces of Minas Ithil.

R'Guard Promoted to Marshal

R'guard Da Hadez has been appointed marshal of the Army of Heimdal's Horn.

Severn Baron of Bitana Again

Fully recovered from the long, hard fight with the undead that had overrun the realm Darka has finally retaken Bitana and under the reinstated Baron Severn Da Hadez it is thriving as a proud Darkan region once again.

R'Guard Appointed Vice-Marshal

R'guard Da Hadez has resurfaced in Norland as second-in-command of the reformed Army of Heimdal's Horn; Norland's homeland defence, maintenance and police force.

Severn Badly Wounded

Having fought through hordes of monsters for a solid week in order to free his people from the fiends besieging his homelands Severn Da Hadez, Baron of Bitana, was found exhausted and badly wounded after the battle that finally liberated his region of Bitana.

R'Guard Disappears

Despite (or possibly as a result of) the speculation and attention surrounding the mysterious R'guard and the shadowy Hel-Blár both seem to have disappeared from Norland as silently and mysteriously as they first appeared.

R'Guard becomes Marshal

R'guard Da Hadez was recently appointed as marshal of Norland's 'Army of the Order of the Crow', a small army who provide a rapid response to threats within Norland's borders. Although speculation as to the identity of R'Guard and the Hel-Blár continues his conduct on the field has been notable for it's efficiency and ruthlessness.

R'guard - Imposter?

A strange man calling himself R'guard Da Hadez has been observed in Norland leading a mysterious infantry unit known as Hel-Blár. Nothing is known of this man or his soldiers and it is unclear as to whether he has any valid claim to the Da Hadez name or his motivation or intent in Norland.

Balian Killed In Battle

While leading the armies of Norland in the defense of Winwich against the combined armies of Talerium and Minas Ithil General Balian Da Hadez, Minister of Defense of Norland, Count of Ashmoor, Marshal of the Army of The Order Of The Crow was slain. In a merciless battle against a superior force his tired and battered army stood their ground and claimed a costly but vital victory against the attacking forces. Balian Da Hadez was last seen alive leading his handful of men on a determined cavalry charge into the approaching enemy ranks in an attempt to slow the advance and buy Norland's archers more time to decimate the enemy.

Norland's Army On A Winning Streak

Under the command of General Balian Da Hadez the armies of Norland have, in the space of a few days, defended against attacks by Minas Ithil in Elost and the Cagilan Empire in Mansbridge. Both enemy armies are at least equal in size to that of Norland and both friends and enemies have expressed surprise at two remarkable victories in such a short space of time.

Karith Arrives in The Far East

Amid mounting speculation over the identity of his father, presumed by many to be either Severn or Balian Da Hadez, Karith Da Hadez has left the shores of Atamara for the Far East. He is said to have turned his back on his confused heritage and is thought to be honing his skills as a monster-hunter in Lasanar.

Balian Founds The Army of Thor's Hammer

In his role as Minister of Defense of Norland Count Balian Da Hadez has organised the move from a duchy based military hierarchy to fully-fledged armies. As part of this reorganisation he founded The Army of Thor's Hammer. Based in Brackhead the army is a fast moving strike force comprised primarily of light cavalry and infantry led by Balian's fifty-strong unit of elite light cavalry men; the 'Ironhooves'.

Erisha Appointed General

Following months of diligent military service Baroness Erisha Da Hadez has been appointed General of Oritolon's armies.

Balian Appointed Count of Ashmoor

Balian Da Hadez is said to be surprised to find himself appointed Count of Ashmoor. It is supposed that his declaration that he was 'The wrong bloody person in the wrong bloody place at the wrong bloody time' is simply a front as he otherwise appears to be quietly pleased to have been entrusted with the role.

Severn Injured in Battle

In a freak accident during an otherwise routine battle in Meldeen alongside Taran forces Baron Severn Da Hadez was thrown from his horse and rendered unconscious. He is said to be recovering well although is reported to be somewhat amused and embarrassed by his fall.

Balian Steps Down from Baronacy

Having rebuilt Moramroth from the ruined state it was left in by the recent war Baron Balian Da Hadez has stepped down as Baron of the region in order to concentrate on the defense of Norland and his other military duties.

Balian Appointed General

With the retirement of the long serving Derack The Daring as Minister of Defense of Norland Baron Balian Da Hadez has taken over the role. This move was expected by those who have been following his military career.

Balian Baron of Moramroth Again

In an informal ceremony this morning Balian Da Hadez was again appointed Baron of Moramroth by Norland's King Krypton The Bold. The return of Moramroth by Minas Ithil was amiable and without incident.

Severn Promoted to Marshal

Having tamed the wild region of Bitana Baron Severn Da Hadez has been promoted to Marshal of The Army of Siver and returns to his front-line duties with the Darka Army who are currently fighting alongside Tara around Foda.

Balian Ousted as Baron of Moramroth

Baron Balian Da Hadez is said to be furious over Norland's loss of the mountain region of Moramroth. Moramroth's value as a staging point for scouting missions had resulted in many bloody and desperate battles between Norland and Eston forces. On his return from a raiding mission deep in Eston territory Balian lead the Norland army in a successful action to thwart the latest Eston incursion onto his lands. Once the enemy had fled he set about regaining control of the region. However, a mere day before Morarmoth would have been fully under Balian and Norland's control the people of the region revolted and joined the allied realm of Minas Ithil.

Erisha Appointed Prime Minister Twice in One Week

The unfortunate imprisonment of Oritolon's Prime Minister Loki twice in one week resulted in Lady Erisha Da Hadez being voted into his vacant position on both occasions. She held the post for a mere day in the first instance, as reported previously, then for a fortnight on the second occasion. With Lord Loki's recent re-election to Prime Minister Lady Erisha is free to take up her role as Baroness of Iglavik again.

Erisha 'Queen For A Day'

Or more accurately Prime Minister for a day; Following the capture of Oritolon's Prime Minister Loki during a battle in Alowca city Baroness Erisha Da Hadez was voted Prime Minister. As is the honourable tradition of Oritolon she stepped down shortly after Loki's release from captivity. She will return to Iglavik to continue her duties as Baroness.

Severn Tames Bitana

The newest addition to Darka, Bitana, was until recently a lawless and desolate region plagued by rogues and bandits. Under the firm hand of Baron Severn Da Hadez, with much assistance from the Darkan home-guard, it has been transformed into a productive and peaceful region. Baron Severn's faith in the people of the region, illustrated by his moving his entire household there immediately upon appointment, is said to have done much for the morale and loyalty of the peasants living there and his firm but fair justice has been instrumental in the taming of the region.

Erisha Steps Down as Judge

Baroness Erisha Da Hadez has stepped down from her position as Grand Justiciar of Oritolon in order to concentrate on the military defense of Oritolon and her duties as Baroness of Iglavik.

Balian Appointed Marshal

The former Marshal of the Army of Brackhead, Sir Derack the Daring, has replaced Sir Raud as the Minister of Defense of Norland. Baron Balian has been asked to fill the vacancy this creates, becoming the Marshal of the Army of Brackhead. Lord Balian is rumoured to have been surprised by the request but has gladly accepted the opportunity to become second-in-command of Norland's army.

Erisha Re-elected as Judge

Winning over a third of the vote Baroness Erisha has been re-elected as Grand Judiciar of Oritolon in The Colonies.

Balian Appointed Baron of Moramroth

In an unexpected turn of events Lord Balian has been appointed as the temporary Baron of Moramroth, a region which Norland have only just won back from Eston. Situated high in the mountains between the two realms Moramroth is of great strategic importance to both sides of the war and has changed hands many times during this conflict. Lord Balian will control Moramroth while it's incumbent baron, Lord Peny, helps with the war effort.

Severn Completes Move to Bitana

With the arrival of his ailing father the move of the Da Hadez family to Bitana is complete. Many of the household's servants have chosen to stay in Azzal although Baron Severn maintains that with the smaller household in rural Bitana this was both inevitable and neccessary. Rumors abound that those left behind were mainly those loyal to his half-brother Balian and that Severn has deliberately shunned them in order to strengthen his claim to the Da Hadez legacy and his place at the head of the Da Hadez family. It is thought that his father, Lord Luthor Da Hadez, will shortly announce the transfer of his authority and chattels to Severn who has until now only been the de-facto head of the family.

Severn Appointed Baron of Bitana

In a controversial move Lord Severn has stepped-down as Count of Eurotan in order to take-up the position of Baron of the formerly rogue region of Bitana. His household is being moved on short notice from Eurotan. His motives for this move are unclear; some believe he relishes the challenge of taming a wild realm and building a civilised and stable Darkan region while those who still harbour loyalties to his exiled half-brother Balian suspect that Severn believes Balian will be less likely to attempt a coup now that Severn has moved his household away from their homelands of Siver and Eurotan.

Balian Humiliates Lord Lukas

Despite his near fatal defeat in a gruelling duel to the death with reknowned swordsman Lord Lukas of Eston a mere fortnight ago Balian faced him in a duel to the death again today in the unforgiving Moramroth mountains. On this occasion, however, Lord Balian was rested and uninjured prior to the contest. Despite his prowess with a blade Lord Lukas was unable to better Balian's superior tactics and caught off guard by his opponent's unexpected competence he surrendered almost immediately.

Erisha Thriving In The Colonies

A letter sent from Lady Erisha Da Hadez to her father reveals that not only has she been made Baroness of the mountain region of Iglavik but has also recently been elected as Grand Justiciar of Oritolon. She also commands a respected infantry unit in the Army of Oritolon. Baroness Erisha spends what little time these duties leave her studying and documenting the history and culture of Oritolon.

Balian Cheats Death

For months Balian has been based in the Moramroth mountains organising scouting parties into Eston lands. When Eston forces threatened an assault on Moramroth Balian was unwilling to leave the small band of militia to their fate without noble leadership and so chose to stand his ground against an invading army some three times greater than the defending forces.

Despite the overwhelming odds, the loss of his entire bodyguard and the decimation of the militia Balian survived the initial bloody onslaught only to lose a vicious and gruelling duel to the death with Lord Lukas of Eston, who is said (albiet by himself) to be the greatest swordsman in Atamara.

Assumed to be dead, the gravely wounded Lord Balian was found on a corpse-cart buried under the corpses of his fallen brethren by his healers. He was smuggled to safety and slowly eased back from the brink of death.

Battered, scarred and missing an eye he has apparently now left the mountains, his destination and fate unknown.

Severn Encourages Households To Mingle

Lord Severn Da Hadez, acting head of the House Da Hadez, has ordered that family members as well as the household staff and guards be rotated between the family homes in Eurotan and Azzal to try to heal the rift caused by his brother Balian's exile.

Severn Adopts A Son

Following the recent death of Luchia Garilith, a minor noble of Eurotan, Lord Severn Da Hadez has officially adopted her five-year-old son, Karith Garilith, as his own. After the death of her husband in a particularly bloody campaign Luchia Garilith served Darka greatly by providing the realm with a seemingly endless supply of exceptional cavalry horses.

Erisha Leaves for the Colonies

Lady Erisha Da Hadez is to leave the newly estalished Da Hadez household in Azzal for the distant shores of The Colonies. It is not known when she will return.

Severn Appointed Count of Eurotan

Lord Severn has been appointed Count of Eurotan in a move that has dismayed those in the Dutchy of Siver that still support his newly exiled brother Balian's claim to the Da Hadez legacy. This appointment greatly strengthens Lord Severn's hand in the Dutchy of Siver.

Da Hadez Household Moved to Azzal

Citing the need for better care for his ailing father Lord Severn Da Hadez has officially moved the Da Hadez householt to Darka's capital city Azzal. Lord Luthor and the bulk of the household will live in the newly established household while Lord Severn will maintain a presence in the old family home in Eurotan.

Balian Exiled

The people of Siver and Eurotan are still in shock following the events of the past few days. It has become clear that Lord Balian Da Hadez attempted to murder his younger brother Severn in his sleep. It is thought that this was the ultimate result of a long-standing but well hidden power struggle within the family. Lord Balian was last seen being manhandled onto on a trade ship in shackles by the Da Hadez Family guard. It has been made known that he has been exiled from Darka on pain of death and disowned by the Da Hadez Family. This dramatic event leaves Lord Severn heir to the Da Hadez Household.