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Disambig gray.svg This article outlines the realm of Oritolon. For the region of Oritolon, see Oritolon.
Strength, Justice, Unity

Oritolon values honourable nobles who seek a civilised and united realm in which to serve and prosper.


One of the oldest realms in The Colonies, Oritolon has a proud history steeped in legend, heroism, tragedy and betrayal.

After a stormy period of sabotage, deceit, conspiracy, coups and rebellion Oritolon's political system has stabilised and a period of renewal and peaceful expansion has restored the realm to it's former glory.

The purging of nefarious influences from Oritolon has left the nobility much reduced in number, though those that remain are remarkably united and loyal.

Oritolon is a calm, civilised realm that prides itself on it's honour, unity and inclusiveness. Nobles are encouraged to reach their full potential as this benefits both the individual and the realm as a whole.


Oritolon is situated in the south-west of The Colonies along the northern shore of The Great Bay.

The regions of Oritolon are as diverse as the landscape itself, with treacherous desert and mountains to the north, harsh scrubland to the west and rich arable land and pine forests to the east.

Ancient and majestic, the city of Oritolon sits at the narrow mouth of The Great Bay, making it an important trading port and the first port of call for many new arrivals to the continent.


Oritolon has long been a republic, proud of it's fair and free political system. In recent times the formerly stable political system has been upset by a series of upheavals, coups, schisms and reorganisations. It was restored for a time, at some cost, to it's traditional form of meritocratic republic but after suffering further setbacks the organisation of the republic was once again refined in order to ensure stability.

Oritolon enjoys good relations with the other realms on the continent, enjoying one of the longest and best held relationships on the island by way of federation with Lukon. Oritolon previously also enjoyed alliances with both Assassins and Outer Tilog but relations have yet to be restored to what they were following Oritolon's successful conflict against Minas Thalion. In the aftermath of that war, Oritolon now works hard to restore civilisation and prosperity to all the southlands.


For many generations, the state religion of Oritolon was "The Path of Chivalry", often simply referred to as "The Path". This is not a traditional theistic religion but more a philosophy that encourages the virtues of strength, justice, honour and unity. The Path also aims to encourage benign worship of gods and to discourage conflict between faiths. The temples and shrines of The Path are shared by worshippers of many faiths who are free to worship as they please so long as their worship does not have an adverse affect on others.

In recent times, the Path's position of pre-eminence has been eroded and no longer enjoys the unflinching support of the Oritolon state. Followers of other faiths no longer suffer persecution and The Blinded God has emerged as a strong challenger to the unorthodox traditions of the Path.


The History Of Oritolon is long and often bloody. Though there have been long periods of stability, prosperity and peace there have also been brutal wars and vicious internal struggles. The ancient history of Oritolon is the stuff of legend but recent history is no less compelling. Following victory in The Long War against the brutal theocracies Alowca and Alebad and the successful founding of Minas Thalion Oritolon was brought to the brink of oblivion by a series of internal conflicts brought about by dark forces from both outside and within the realm but has recovered remarkably and is once again a vital force in The Colonies.


Oritolon has a vibrant, if somewhat rustic, culture. As is common among peasants anywhere the spoken word takes precedence over the written. The common people have a love of the folk tales and songs handed down to them from their families. Despite having more literate and sophisticated tastes many nobles act as sponsors to songwriters, poets and playwrights who create works that are spread across the land by the travelling bards who provide a vital cultural link between the nobility and commoners. Few in Oritolon will miss the opportunity to enjoy a bard's tales or songs.

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