Minas Thalion

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Minas Thalion
Emblem of Minas Thalion
Realm Summary
Continent / Island Colonies
Capital Alebad
Government System Tyranny


Born in the destruction of the Southern Theocracies

      Survives on the edge of the world because its nobles believe in a realm of freedom

A realm where anyone can make a fresh start

      A realm that does not bow its head to Lukon

So traveller, welcome to Minas Thalion, and the rebellion !

Raised in the vale of Alebad upon the burnt embers of the southern theocracies, the Imperial Electorate of Minas Thalion is a young realm of new beginnings where your past will be forgotten and your family ties forgiven.

We're a peaceful people but we defend our own ferociously and work hard to create a flourishing realm for knights and commons alike. Here you'll find refuge, hope, a sense of purpose and the active support you need to build a life of honour, prosperity and distinction.

Geography and Information

The Lost Colony

At the far North Eastern tip of the Colonies is the land of Drenga. It's mostly a harsh and barren landscape with jagged terrain and deep gullies. The stormy seas attack the exposed coast and crash against the impressive cliffs.

Deep in this isolated place, the fort town of Kerant was the largest settlement of the interior and southern coastal villages. Only Drenga's second town of Tonent could claim to be of similar size, located atop a rocky peninsula on the northern coast, a fascinating place constructed from dark volcanic shist and beach deposits.

Above the capital town of Kerant stood a small plateau with several wooden structures nestled between the mountain and the edge, overlooking the gully below. Here in the Hall of Dubhaine, the nobles of Minas Thalion and travellers alike met together for important discussions and decisions. The hall was renowned for feasting in the evening and incredible stargazing at night when the weather permitted. A rough wooden palisade withstood determined attacks from Lukon and Outer Tilog alike, only falling when the latter sent their full strength north to battle.

The Ancient Hold

Centred on Alebad and the treacherous hills of the Vir el Mari heights, at its greatest extent Minas Thalion ruled from Abaka in the southeast to Rola Sierrie in the northwest. A city state with a long history of commerce, it's famed for its wealthy merchants and the great bounty in gold which awaits those willing to brave the demon-infested woods and mountains beyond its borders.

Religion in Minas Thalion

Minas Thalion is a land of religious freedom where all faiths are welcome so long as they respect the laws of the land and conduct themselves with decorum.

History of the Realm

Before Minas Thalion

The city of Alebad had previously been the capital of a Theocracy of the same name. See realm of Alebad.

Creation of the Realm

Minas Thalion was created as a joint effort between Lukon and Oritolon through the planned secession of Alebad from Oritolon in January 1010.

More information on the creation of Minas Thalion can be found in the Recent History of Oritolon.

War with Oritolon and Lukon

To be filled in. (Dates, precursors, instigations and decelerations. Both for Oritolon and to a lesser extent Lukon)

The Fall of Minas Thalion

Just over three years from her founding the strength of Minas Thalion finally failed. Although the loss of Alebad had not been enough to force Minas Thalion's collapse, the realm was reduced to a rump around the arid cliffs of Drenga. Eventually, after many attempts, Outer Tilog managed to scatter the unyielding Thalionese defenders. Soon after that, Minas Thalion was no more.

During this time Minas Thalion came out in favour of Empress Valakyrie's plan for a Colonial Senate.


Following the destruction of the Drenga Colony, former Lord Elect Cathal moved to Lukon becoming General under Empress Valakyrie. In this role he led the successful campaign to break the Republic of Oritolon and drive out the corrupt regime which had instigated the war between Lukon and Minas Thalion. In the subsequent peace accords it was agreed that Minas Thalion should be refounded in Alebad and some months later this came to pass. Minas Thalion fought a brief war to reclaim her heartlands from Portion, and a subsequent war with Aren over the ownership of Abaka was settled peacefully by the gifting of this land in return for full Federation between the two realms.

Subsequently Outer Tilog's continued attempts to assault Aren lead to a Grand Alliance between Aren, Oritolon and Minas Thalion with a brutal war fought across the plains of Bode Batura and deep into the woods of Naan Forest. Here the allies clashed with the combined might of both Tilogs and Wetham in an increasingly brutal war where religious unrest and espionage became daily woes.

A peace with Outer Tilog followed whilst war with Wetham led to a wider conflict involving Portion and Lukon. A breach in the Grand Alliance occurred when King Ash of Oritolon laid claim to Abaka and war between Aren and Oritolon ensued, leaving Minas Thalion to face three realms alone. The war with Wetham has since escalated to also include Outer Tilog making it a 4v1 conflict.