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Price: 1 silver, please! Editor: Kin Hyral

This is a newspaper devoted to reporting on the many Atamaran tournaments! That's right, the tourney paper you've all been waiting for! Those of us here at Fox Talks hope to cover not only the main events, but the day-to-day occurrences of every tourney; including the many pranks, bar fights, love stories, death challenges, and all the other niceties that characterize the Atamaran tournament!

Tournament List:

Talerium Tournament III

Barony of Makar Tournament II

Cagilan Empire Tournament

Barony of Makar Tournament

Talerium Tournament II

Eston Tournament III Reporter: Night Hawk Calanar

Carelia Tournament III

Caergoth Tournament

Darka Tournament II

Eston Tournament II Reporter: Gibberish Smallsheep

The Word Tournament Reporter: Kartet ka Habb

Minas Ithil Tournament IV

Carelia Tournament II

Minas Ithil Tournament III

Eston Tournament

Darka Tournament

Talerium Tournament

Falasan Tournament

Tara Tournament Reporters: Friedrich Von Allen, Keiichi Hyral

Ash Sea Islands Tournament II

Minas Ithil Tournement II

Carelia Tournement

Ash Sea Islands Tournament

Minas Ithil Tournament