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Darka.gif Bold Proposal in Bisquez!

A total of 188 troop leaders from 14 realms paid their 10 gold entrance fee and visited the tournament grounds of Bisquez in the shadow of Mt. Sinclair. No noise restrictions this time - both the swordfighting and jousting arenas were open! This is the way! Sir Blood Haze of Falasan took home the 400 gold first-place prize and the winner's honors in the sword arena (Sir Amazin Footeman took home the 50 gold for second place), and Sir DrSeptre Meadowcrest of the Barony took home the 400 gold prize and his 15th victory in the jousting arena - impressive, no? (Lady Amelia Rairiki of Darka took home 50 gold for second place) Congrats to the champions!

Dafayo and Samantha, A Wedding?!?!?!
In a completely unexpected turn of events, Sir Dafayo Vashmere asked for Lady Samantha Haine's hand in marriage in the midst of the tourney merriment. The Lady Haine accepted his proposal with much enthusiasm, and the pair was seen sharing a celebratory dance. Shock and disbelief was widespread as news got around of the engagement - heck, I'm her liege and I didn't see this coming! But it's all true, and the ceremony is set to take place in Wor'ight sometime soon. Fox Talks will most certainly be there to cover it. Congratulations to the happy couple!
The Especially Generous
A list of those kind people with gold to spare!

Kartet, Samantha, Vatticus, Danny----Craciers, Keiichi, Kealan, Laurie, Yoshiro, Jarod, Deirdre, Banel, Jyotis, Moses.

Same as always; those in bold are multi-rounders and the dashes down are single-hitters. You know what else is the same? Kartet in the first place slot! That's right - two Fox Talks-covered tourneys in a row, Kartet has showered us with generosity beyond that of any other! We salute you! Oh yes, and there are probably a lot more names that belong up there, but Darka is waaaaaaaaaaay far away from Worav and it took me forever to get to Bisquez even though I left within hours of the announcement... So, as you can see, I missed a lot.

Fun and Games
A demonstration of a strange new sport was put on by ladies Aniri and Sheeana at the tournament grounds in Bisquez. From what we at Fox Talks could gather, it involves a sword, a tree, and a lot of force. Want to try it out for yourself? Here's how to play:

First gather up some friends and find yourself a sturdy tree. Next, you assign an order - the method doesn't matter, but always remember, boys, ladies first. Now that you've established an order, you each take up a sword, gather all your strength, and stab the tree! Fun, no? The actual point of the game eludes us, but we saw the demonstration from a distance, so we probably missed it. First to get their sword out wins? In any case, give it try!

Vatticus Kills for Darka...Yup
We're not quite sure why the dog-armored Darkan announced this to the crowd with such enthusiasm but it resulted in two free rounds from the marshal-turned-hero, so cheers to that! The corner of Darkans then broke into song, singing "I kill for Darka", apparently a popular Darkan tune. Which brings up another unanswered question... What exactly is the Darkan specialty "7up"? In the know? Send us your comments!
Falasan Flag mini.png The Winners Circle Barony News Marker.png
From Blood Haze, the champion of the sword!

I am disappointed it has taken me so long to win a tournament here, but I am happy to get it out of the way. As for the prize money, I plan on investing it on my jousting skills. It seems like DrSeptre is the resident jousting champion. He was able to beat me this time, but he better watch out. I plan on winning soon.

From DrSeptre Meadowcrest, the champion of the lance!

yet to comment

Yavanna versus Darka, Fight!
No matter how hard we try it seems that we just can't play nice for the full seven days. Conflict is inevitable when it comes to the friendly games it seems, but Lady Yavanna of Carelia took a bigger dose of the bitterness than usual. Heated arguments between the lady Carelian and Darkans Vatticus, Lavigna, Ruthven, and Sebastian echoed over the tourney grounds, and included the usual taunts, threats, insults, death challenges, and all-around mean-spirited chat. While Sir Laurie (also from Carelia) attempted to calm the situation it only served to raise Lady Yavanna's ire even more. The conflict seemed to be part of an ongoing grudge, but the match ended in one final spat between Lady Yavanna and Vatticus, with an apparent victory for the Lady. Troubled times, indeed.
More Poetry of Jens Namtrah

Lady Ain,
What can I do?
Even when lootin',
My t'oughts are on you

Even when stealin'
somebody's goat
da sound a yer name
brings a lump ta my t'roat

Even when burnin'

some liddle town
my ear is still listenin'
fer yer voice's sound

Even when drinkin'
a barrel a ale
my eyes are bot' searchin'
fer yer skin so pale

Even when sleepin'
Da sky dark as da coal,
I t'ink a yer nose
wit' it's cute liddle mole

Even when stabbin'
someone in da groin
da t'ought a yer breasts
brings heat ta my loins

Dere's only one t'ing
left ta be said,
Livin' wit'out ya
I'd be bedder off dead

Lady Ain Kindon of Tucha was kind enough to give us permission to publish this rather personal bit of poetry from Jens.