Fox Talks/Eston Tournament III

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Greetings! It's been a while, hasn't it? We almost missed this one due to a local conflict, so be sure to send your heartfelt thanks to Sir Night Hawk for saving us at the last minute! Now, this is the way! A total of 143 nobles from 11 realms paid the 15 gold entrance fee and entered Barad Lacirith's sword arena in hopes of taking the winner's honours and the 800 gold first place prize (300 gold for second). Sir Doromir of Darka bested the feisty Lady Ain of Caergoth in the final round, congratulations to the champion! See a full copy of the tournament report here, brought to you by the Kane Family.

The Especially Generous

Wyscot (4), Night Hawk (4), death (4), Serena, Foul, Latimer, Telaman, Laedoran, Joline, Garu, Pepo, Muunegan --- Dielo, Kartet, Locke, Elroy, Hari, Herotious, Arthas, Gothar, Jyotis, Anne, Benjamin, Raj, John, Sven, Bakr Ubaid, Aeric
Missing Warriors
Letter from Gabriel Bachelor

Where is everybody?

Where is Moses? Achilles? Doc? Zadar? At least DrSeptre is here...

Where is my niece? Where is the pleasant Lady Lavigna or the wonderful Lady Morrigan?

I feel half century older today...
Gabriel Bachelor (Knight of Tichi)

Alas, it is true. Most of the big name champions were no shows at the tournament. They were all preoccupied with the wars around the world, though a couple have departed for parts unknown. The assumption of this reporter is that the ones among the living be back next time and ready to show more than a few nobles how to really use a sword and a lance.

The Always Present Oddities
Baron Ebbe Tomarsen, of the Barony of Makar, showed that there are still eccentrics at these tournaments with his rather unusual display of his skills. He apparently showed up with a pair of axes that he likes to fight with in the nude. After several displays of this unusual habit, he was forced to fight in the tournament with his clothes on. "They made me where clothes. Can't get a proper swing with clothes on."
An odd spectator in colorless clothing appeared. A familiar face that I recognized wanted to remain hidden from others, and was thus left alone. It was a bit more obvious from the slightly flustered lackey that seemed unsure of why he was riding on a horse and threw occasional glances behind him as if his companion was waiting to play a joke on him.

Also there was the odd comment of a Lady Ain Kindon that drew a few eyes and ears. "I'd duel naked for a good bit of goat cheese. I draw the line at wench-chasing, though. I prefer the wenches come when I call them...bearing ale, of course."
Darka beginner.png The Winner's Circle Darka beginner.png
Thanks to all, it surely was a great tournament. I will write more later, now it´s time to party! Hooray!

Doromir McMahon
Count of Zin, Marshal of the Royal Army of Darka


That was all we heard. Clearly too much partying on his part.