Fox Talks/Eston Tournament II

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Introduction: Sir Gibberish Smallsheep
The main thing that sums up the recent tournament in Eston, is dull dull horribly dull. True there was plenty of drinking (so this reporter spent most of it in a drunken haze), but the largest amount of discussion was taken up with random political shouting matches mostly between members of Norland and Minas Ithil (though to be fair with the current political situation it was always expected they’d be some ‘debating’). Those of you familiar with the tournament scene will realize how bad it must have gotten to make Gabriel Bachelor and Doc's Revenge Primus agree on something.

Luckily since it was a tournament this political whining had to end at some point and so it did, when the actual tournament fighting started. A grand total of 78 troop leaders from 13 realms, took part in this dance and to most peoples amazement there where no actual obvious attempts to kill each other under the pretense of a tournament accident. The ultimate winner who deserves much praise was Helisara from Ash Sea Islands, with Gabriel from Tara coming in second. After this the tournament quickly wound down and the old game of see how much food you can thief from the final meal started.

The Especially Generous
The people with more money than sense who bought drinks for everyone, unluckily more Ashlanders have neither at the moment.

Brakus(3)---Ice, Kinjal, Xaphanix, Brian, Oddvar, Lavigna, Brindalier, Leon, Golrug, Memnoch, Humberto, Vivi.

Reporter: Sir Gibberish Smallsheep, arrived on Day Four

In the Name of the King
Warriors from across Atamara gathered in Barad Lacirith on the invitation of Duke Arturius Entreri to honour Eston's fallen King. Amidst the political banter, discussions of stealing women, the weather, and missing wallets, there was an overall sense of respect and reverence for the memory of the lost legend that is Andrew. Toasts and dedications were numerous, old tales were told quietly in corners, and political shouting matches were dedicated to his fighting spirit (though the shouting did get a bit out of hand). All told it was a good seven days, and we at Fox Talks can only hope that our deaths are remembered with that much free alcohol.

Hail King Andrew!

ASI small.png The Winners Circle
From Dame Helisara Warrah, Champion of the Sword! (...again)

"You know, it really doesn't seem all that long ago I was answering some questions in an interview about my family's first ever tournament win. Now, here I am, responding to an interview about the second win in my family's history. I've got to say, I really wasn't expecting it, but if I had to choose only one more tournament win in my lifetime, this one would have been it.

I will not bore your readers with the same run-down I gave last time. I would rather, instead, tell a little story that explains why I found this win to be particularly rewarding in more ways than just being able to share some hard earned gold with my fellow realm mates in need. This story would actually begin with one of my older relatives, you see, there is a man in Atamara famed for having the land's greatest sword skill. This man goes by the name of sir Gabriel, and I most assuredly do not need only my aunt's words of her experience with him in the past to form an opinion of him that that very closely reflects her own. The man is arrogant, pompous, and I do think the world would be a better place without him. I found this man at the tournament, this was the first time I had ever seen him in person but I didn't need to give much thought as to who he was. His personality perfectly reflected the description my aunt gave me. This man was there, boasting on about his achievements and insulting Ash Sea Islands former king, sir Doc's Revenge. I took it upon myself to introduce myself to sir Gabriel and express my dissatisfaction with his ignoble behavior. Little to my surprise, he responded in the most expected of ways and merely asked who I was.

Fortunately, I didn't get to see much more of the man until the tournament. He was able to watch my fighting style in one of the final rounds and I was able to watch his in the following. The final round ended up being between he and I. I remembered hearing him boasting of sir Doc's Revenge's defeat in one of the earlier rounds. The duel between he and I was most difficult, but I was able to answer his earlier question about who I was when I took the championship from Atamara's "best" swordsmen. I dare say he probably didn't like that all too well. I wouldn't know though, for he seemed pretty hard pressed to avoid me during the aftermath and celebration that took place after the tournament.

If this is the last great feat I accomplish in all my life, I dare say I can die happy. For Ash Sea Islands, for my family, and for my comrades."
Helisara Warrah (Dame of Ash'rily)

Ah, nothing says "I'm Helisara, and you are?" quite like the resounding humiliation of a sound thrashing. We expect Sir Gabriel to duel with a vengeance come next tourney...