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carelia.png A Rather Nice Tourney At Nida

This decent sized come-back tourney supported the drinking habits of 157 troop leaders from 13 different realms who paid for the amiable entrance fee of 10 gold in hopes of winning the 400 gold first place prize (200 for second place) and the bragging rights. The beautiful city of Nida accomodated both the continent's swordmasters and jousters for the main event. First place in the prestigous sword round was claimed by Sir Rhys of Falasan (second place fell to Sir Gaspard of Tara). All eyes fell on the jousting arena when Sir DrSeptre of the Barony entered for his 11th victory running, claiming the prize after a flawless 3 to 0 victory (second place went to Sir Dead Angel WG of Talerium). Well met everyone!

The Drinking, the Brawling, the Women...So We Sleep!
Whether it was the warm weather of Nida or the spiked ale at the Dragon's Breath, sleeping seemed to be more rampant at this tourney than ever. Not only was nap time reserved for the weak stomached drinkers this time around but for the indisputably hard core as well, Talerium's local giant Xanio could be seen dozing between ales on top of a...doghouse. Yes the heat's finally gotten to him. Even the famed Duke slash former Monarch slash former General slash former Keeper of the Capital slash infamous ladies man slash Primus DRP took kindly to a table and nodded off, much to the amusement of onlookers. But this thing was one big step for Atamara as a whole I think, no one jumped their enemies while they slept! How amazing is our progress? You should all feel very proud of yourselves, twas an honorable thing you did for those five glourious days.
The Especially Generous
A list of those cunning enough to get the competition completely drunk!

Vipera---Benny, Keiichi, Biscallert, Alexander, Flavius, Johan, Gustav, LJtmd, Tatum, Eoin, Mathias, Deacy, AJ, Achillies, Ieyasu

The gracious Vipera bought us two consecutive rounds, we salute you! Now if you are one of those people who practically sprinted to the tourney and arrived mere hours after it was announced and bought your fellow sprinters a round, well, I don't sprint. No I walk, casually.

Ale Conspiracy Uncovered at Ash'rily
After some strange side quest dealing with a crudely drawn fish and cookies by carrier pigeon Fox Talks has uncovered a wonderous secret, and it shall be secret no more! Former Ashlantean gone Talerian Xanio the Great discloused the location of fifty barrels of Mapan Ale. Fifty! Mapan! Are you running in circles yet? Better yet we know where it's been stowed! Now normally I wouldn't share such information but the fox has a conscience and he makes half the newspaper's budget so...the location shall be public henceforth! The location being: The basement of the former Great Estate! Where's the former Great Estate? Ash'rily naturally, it's in the title people have some sense. Where's Ash'rily? Get yourself a map, better yet but my maps, two gold a piece, anyone? One bit of information we will not be disclosing today: where in the vast expanse of Ash'rily is the former Great Estate. Why? Quite frankly we don't know, and that would make it far too easy now wouldn't it? Sure we at Fox Talks have a conscience but we're by no means kind.
With all the wars going on you'd think there would be some deep seated hate among the major players of the nations right? Wrong according to the latest tourney gathering. No, things were downright friendly over in the far corner of the Dragon's Breath. Sir Moses of ASI could be seen buying rounds for Tara's Achilles and chatting about old times, Sir AJ of Red Span shared a round with DRP and the rest. That's right, Sir Achilles laughs, he always seems to serious but it's true! And you all thought the infamous Moses McGahee was heartless, well now you know he's just a big lovable panda! The group had no insults for each other, just laughs and remenicense of younger days. Heart warming isn't it? Doesn't it just make you want to march over to your enemy and give him a bear hug? Even just a little? There's no denying it people, we could learn a lesson in honor here.
A Few Words From the King Kronos
Sir Kronos of Carelia kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions about his tournement and the greatful break in the action it provided. The tourney at Nida was to celebrate a reunion of the lands of Carelia. The location itself was symblolic, the good people of Carelia want the world to know where their fair city belongs, as well as just how hospitable and festive they can be! King Kronos held the tourney to promote understanding and communication and to celebrate a new era of prosperity for his realm. He also extends his welcome and good wishes to all those attending, his only request was that we enjoy the moments, and that we did! Many thanks good Sir!
Girl Power!
That's right, all the struggling female knights out there have a new hero! The Lady Klaxin of Tara showed up a rather large sweaty looking man at the tournement grounds in Nida. Ch, and that cocky brute said no woman could defeat him, a shocker for him when Lady Klaxin walked off with his gold. Pfft, men, when will they ever learn that us lady knights can kick serious arse too? Do we have to beat every one of them down into a pitiful state of bloody pulp before they admit it? Klaxin is well on her way, so is that whip clad Lady General of the Cagilan Empire. Bring it boys, we'll take ya all on!

Inspiration and Aspirations from the Winners!
From DrSpetre Meadowcrest, the champion of the Lance!

Any advice or words of inspiration to those trying to make it to the top?

You have to be persistent and willing to take a lot of hits. No matter how great someone is they still take hits. Since all can be hit then there is always a chance to win or lose depending on how skilled you are.

Any plans for the prize money?

To help build my regions economy and some will go toward a little more training. Sir DrSpetre (Baron of Howling Waste)

Congrats on your 11th victory! Must be getting tough to think of all these Winner's Advice columns, but there are many young knights who dream of releiving that burden haha!

The champion of the Sword was unavailable for comment, so we'll make one up!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Questions Left Unanswered
- Where for art thou badger hordes?

- Why is Nida always, always, so sunny? Does it not rain in Carelia?