Fox Talks/Ash Sea Islands Tournament

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A total of 86 troop leaders from 13 realms of Atamara attended the tournament grounds in Wor’ight, ASI to take a shot at the 500 gold first place prize in the sword ring (second place claimed 100 gold). Even with war breaking out across the continent, the tourney must go on! And here are the results. Duke and Arch Priest Moses McGahee defeated former ASI monarch nautilus spiliz in a firey final round, congratulations Sir Moses!

Pin the Tail on the Barkeep
What more need I say? It’s quite an exciting game, although afterwards you somehow feel like there’s someone with a great deal of animosity staring into your back at all times, and you feel like you may be overcharged for every ale you buy thereafter, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though. In Wor’ight it was Ashlantean knight Samantha Haine who prompted the games to begin, fellow Ashlantean knight Henri Silver and…me… joined in the fun. After an ill-conceived plan to jump on three all chaos broke loose in the tavern, tables and chairs were uprooted (okay that was me), a few bloody fights broke out after a large group of tavern goers were knocked…fell into each other during a small disturbance at the entrance, witnesses say it was a small, reddish-brown woodland creature but I think they just had too much to drink and well yeah, what do eyewitnesses know anyway? That barkeep sure was tricky though, getting the best of Samantha and Kaya, Henri had the upper hand for a while, but tossed the tail to…was it me? I don’t remember much of that night after I hit the table…but sources tell me that it was indeed the fox who pinned the barkeep, although his aim was apparently off and ended up sticking him in the leg. So winner? The Henri-Kaya team!
The Especially Generous
A list of those who showed off their lavishness and bought us all a round!

Dafayo(14!), Jinkinglank, Samantha, Henri, Adelia---Moses, Drak, Amish, and Rhys

Once again I must point out that I didn’t actually get to the tourney grounds until three days after it started…yeah yeah I know, Wor’ight is part of my realm, and only three regions away from where I was but hey! I was busy okay? So if I missed you then at least you have that warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you did a nice thing.

Dafayo and Sam
The outlaw artist Dafayo Vashmere and Ashlantean knight Samantha Haine put on a wonderful show for those present in one of Wor’ight’s higher end establishments. The two danced beautifully to the music of a violin, drawing the crowd in a silent awe, a combination of the surprising grace of the artist extraordinaire or perhaps the nearly unrecognizable Lady Haine. Regardless, it was a sight to behold. Bravo my companions, bravo.

(Side Note to Samantha: That’s right, Kaya told me everything…everything.)

Disappearance of DRP
We all enjoyed ourselves at the tourney in Wor’ight, but the question was raised many times, where was DRP? The reigning sword champion was nowhere to be found in the taverns or elsewhere, although his name did appear on the roster of participants. Speculations and rumors were numerous, but if I had to take a guess it’s one of three things…he was either training in the mountains under waterfalls and fighting bears to hold his title, or tending to that nasty spat of a personal disagreement, OR he was doing what he usually does, enjoying some special herbs and the company of women in his tent. Uh huh, that’s what I think. It seems very DRP.
  • Another rumor on the disappearance heh heh heh Extra Info
Inspiration and Aspirations from the Winner!
From Moses McGahee, the champion of the Sword!

Many young Noble see a sword and immediately pick it up with dreams of becoming a great swordsmen, but thats not the correct path. First they must fully understand what a sword is, it's not just another tool, say like a shovel or a rake and one size does not fit all.

A sword has but one main purpose, If they are not ready for that purpose, then one should never pick up a sword. I know of many Nobles, some famous, *cough Gauihu cough* that should not carry a sword, but they do so because it's "their Noble right" and it makes them feel more noble I guess.

So back to what advice I would give to a younger swordmen, First, fully understand what a sword is used for, then have one made for you personaly, then find yourself a wise tutor, one that teaches the mind as well as the body, but all of the instruction in the world can not hone your skills like real battle.

I believe that the truely great sword masters are not created in an academy, but I believe they are born, With time and gold most can learn how to move with a blade, but the great ones have an inborn instinct, I myself do not claim to have such, I am just fortunate that we serve good ale in Wor'ight.

The gold that I won will ofcourse go in my vault,


But really it shall be used to buy food to feed Wor'ight to help with food in all of ASI.

I would like to thank everyone that attended and I look forward to holding a grand tournament once all of these wars have passed.

Sir Moses ~Arch Priest of Ash Sea Islands, Duke of Wor'ight

Questions Left Unanswered
-Alright, now I really wanna know, what exactly is IN that tea Manu is always sipping on?

-Why Sir Moses? WHYYYYYYYYYYY ?!?!? (she’s probably referring to the outlawing of mule kebabs and elderberry tonic)

A Conclusion?
Well, I guess this’ll be it as far as tournaments go for a while. The Great Peace of Atamara has ended and the continent is once again engulfed in war. No complaints here, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a real battle and I do rather look forward to it heheh. Well for now, Fox Talks over and out! ~salutes~