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MinasIthilFlag.png Minas Tourney Mesmerizes All

The Minas Ithil tournament was held in the city of Shanandoah, 255 knights from 13 different realms attended in hopes of getting their hands on the handsome first prize sum of 1,000 gold (second place was a zero less at 100 gold). The ale was flowing like water and the competition was fierce, but in the end there can only be one champion of the sword and one of the lance, here’s how it played out. The victor of the sword round was Sir Doc’s Revenge Primus of the Ash Sea Islands (second place Redrum Ox of Falasan) and the glory of the jousting round went to Sir DrSeptre Meadowcrest of the Barony of Makar (second place Gregor Manstone of Falasan). According to King DA3 this tourney was “just for fun”, we most certainly did enjoy ourselves! Many thanks to the gracious king!

Is That...Tea?
That’s right folks a disturbingly healthy habit has come over our good friend Manu Brahman of Falasan, once one of the most avid drinkers of all Atamara! TEA! Manu could be seen sipping his hot brew throughout the festivities. A mixture of water, tealeaves and special herbs and spices (we all must wonder, what exactly are those “special” spices anyway?), the beverage was offered out to other nobles as well. Of course, when you drink tea in a bar bad things are bound to happen; sure enough the none-to-pleased owners nearly came to blows with our dearest Manu and defender Kara over the outside drinks. Luckily the situation was diffused in time and no blood was drawn and the shaken up barkeeps ruled in favor of the continuity of the tea. Leaving us all to ponder the question of why. Why tea? The world may never know.
The Especially Generous
A list of those who showed off their lavishness and bought us all a round!

DrSeptre, Sh’ki Kara, Del’Sinda---Grimm, Epsilon, Jogan, Kavish, Tor’varynd, Elrohir, Achilles, Lana, Kato, Fire, Rhys, Vorenus, Omerus, and Elenar

This list starts with those who bought multiple rounds then goes pretty much in order from the dashes down. And of course Sir Moses of the Ash Sea Islands was also seen giving out free ales to all those in earshot for a good part of the tourney! Now, if you’re thinking “Hey you, I paid good money to buy everyone a round, why aren’t I up there?!” there’s a perfectly good explanation I assure you. Ya see, first I had to travel to Ser’quea to do some para-shoppin’ then I had to pack some stuff, sharpen my sword, give Kaya a bath, and after I made sure my men were all set up for 5 days or so at the local tavern I started on the 36 hour trip to the grounds…so as you can see there were roughly four days in which I was otherwise occupied and unfortunately missed out on the free drinks in Shanandoah. So if you said the phrase drinks on me and slapped down your coins in that time, we salute you!

Can't We All Just Get Along?
As with every tourney, we nobles of Atamara just can’t seem to get along for the whole nine days without butting heads. The first major bout, being between Herumor and Yavanna, turned into a sort of anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better along with the typical family insults, jabs, duel challenges, the whole nine yards. Some other minor spats between infiltrators, former infiltrators, bystanders, newspaper editors, and war bound tourney goers filled the space. Come on now people, we’re all enjoying the hospitality of the good King DeadAngel3, just enjoy it, have a few drinks, get through the sword and joust, go home happy…then you can feel free to try and kill each other all you want :D
Inspiration and Aspirations from the Winners!
From Doc’s Revenge, the Sword Champion!

My words of Inspiration:

Get your ass handed to you by a beautiful woman, and you'll get better too.

Where the Money is going:

To the Islands. We still need 20 more of these victories to finish the work.


DRP Doc's Revenge Duke of Ash'rily

~Short and to the point, gotta love his honesty ; )

From DrSeptre, the Joust Champion!

Any hints for the young knights? Keep training your skills. It takes a lot of gold and time but it can pay off. I remember win Vulcan won both tournaments a lot many years ago. I beat him twice but he beat me numerous times. I just kept training and it has paid off. I mainly focused on my jousting skills as there are not as many highly skilled jousters out there. Once I got high enough I wanted to work on my sword fighting skills to be a threat at both tournaments. I still need some work on my sword fighting but I continue to improve and train.

Any plans for the prize money? With my winnings I build my realm's/region's economy, put a lot into my religion (Hörgr of Makar), use some to keep training my skills, and buy a lot of horses as they sure taste great with a good Viking ale.

Any other comments you'd like to add in there? I never thought I would win 10 jousting tournaments after I won my first tournament. Once you win though you just want to win again. As the skills of the world's competitors increases I much train harder to keep ahead. So keep up your training as I no problem with losing to a better jouster and no one can win all the time. Even the Legendary Vulcan lost some tournaments.

Sir DrSeptre Baron of Howling Waste

~Wise words from an honored wise man.

Rumors of Bad Badger Breeding
With the chance sighting of a badger hat in the crowd one late night at the tourney grounds, the location of the badger hordes that usually plague Atamaran tournaments came into question. Where was that malicious horde of man-eaters anyway? Xanio to the rescue! They are apparently in breeding season up in Norland! Which explains the absence of the mauled tourney goers, incessant clicking noises, and burned down taverns in the last two tournaments quite efficiently, and I don’t hear any complaints. Of course, rumors started spreading about man-badger crossing due to a minor slip of the tongue but the risky rumor was luckily cleared away before people started thinking about it too much. Disturbing indeed, but fear not fellow Atamarans, I’m sure our favorite woodland creatures will return full force sometime soon!

Questions Left Unanswered
Why exactly is fox meat so popular? Where does Xanio get all those masks from anyway? Do “ninja badgers” really exist, are they conspiring against barkeeps everywhere?! Someday we will know.