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Prayer3.jpg Tournament Held in Holy City Metemec!

Greetings! With the absence of our editors among the crowds we bet you thought we’d missed this one. Tsk tsk tsk, oh yea of little faith. We wouldn’t miss the first religiously sponsored tourney of Atamara for the world! Well, maybe for the ‘’world’’…no no! Not even the world! Ahem. This is the way! A total of 95 nobles from 12 of the 13 realms attended (who skipped, who?!) in hopes of winning the 500 gold first place prize in the sword ring (200 gold for second place). Dame Helisara of the Ash Sea Islands bested Count Doromir of Darka in the final round, congrats to the champion! The main event was something to see to be sure, but perhaps the best part of this tourney was the entrance fee. Exactly zero gold. You heard it right, free entry! Duke Zebulon Ilwaukim is forever in our hearts.

The Word Celebrates Bahtansktsul
As some of you may know, The Word sponsored this most recent of noble tournaments. We were fortunate enough to enlist the help of Sir Kartet ka Habb, Hab’b of The Word, to give us some background. Here’s what he had to say:

The Word had been planning this tournament since February of this year, last year in our calendar. At least Torsaan Kargnchha had been. It was to celebrate "Bahtansktsul" the day before the new year. It is a time of feasting and praise for the gods. Of course, the actual date was quite a while back, June 17th. Other tournaments were planned, however, and we graciously decided to hold back the tournament. We collected well over 2000 gold from about 30 nobles, an amazing total. The tournament was held in the Holy City of Metemec, a pilgrimage site and but across the sea from our Holy Temple in Mapaxal.

Kartet ka Habb
The Especially Generous
A list of those crafty types who enjoy sabotaging the competition while showing off their lavishness:

Memnoch, Drare---- Tereth, Ealdur, Ktrien, Helisara, Arrzus, Marty, Lavigna, Kepler, Therrien.

Now, we wanted to think that this list is somehow incomplete, that the record keeper arrived the day before the main event or some such thing. It had to be, right? Imagine our shock, nay, our horror, when we were informed that the attendant who was first to arrive at the grounds compiled this list! Come on Atamara, where is your generosity?! How can you travel hundreds of miles to the outskirts of the desert and not drink anything??? That’s just...sad.

ASI small.png The Winners Circle
From Dame Helisara Warrah, Champion of the Sword!

I am simply trying my best to make sure that the fine realm of Ash Sea Islands does not lose hope. We are still strong and we will continue to fight against all odds to the bitter end. Ash Sea Islands was driven to greater perils than this and survived, she shall continue to do so.

As for the plans for the prize money, I will be donating all of it to the Lord of Ash'rily so that Ash Sea Islands may continue to defend against her many invaders.

Helisara Warrah

~wipes away a single tear~ Such a patriot. Unfortunately the fine lady had pressing business to attend to which shortened our interview.

Helisara Judged a Master!
Tourney-goers could only stare in awe as Dame Helisara showed off her stuff. Don’t let that pretty face or youthful appearance fool you, she’s a deadly warrior who can kick arse with the best of ‘em. In fact, she could probably beat the best of ‘em without breaking a sweat. Don’t believe us? Check out the official account:

’’Troop leader showing off’’ ’’You heard some people speaking about the show Helisara Warrah (Dame of Ash'rily) did to show her skill at the tournament. From what they tell, you figure that her swordfighting skill is 100%. You just wish to not meet her in battle, she seems to be a true master.’’

Shaking in your boots, boys?