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A name in the archaic Fontanese tongue Aednadh means "little flame". Hence Aednadh's full name means "the bright hope of the women of dark countenance".


Aednadh is the daughter of Lady Rhidhana Dubhaine, last Minister of Defence of Fontan. As with all the line of Moira she has a powerful, sinewy frame but her softer features combine with her honey-blonde hair and vivid green eyes to give her an otherworldly beauty. Some have speculated that her father may not have been human, though the famed reticence of the Dubhaine family in such matters casts little light on the truth.

Fostered amidst the cultivated court of Margravine Brigdha the young Aednadh is no stranger to the arts or sciences, though her passion for the hunt has given her ample exposure to more practical pursuits befitting her noble status. Few doubt that in time her sword arm will become as feared as that of her Dames, or that her pen will be equally as deadly if she chooses a political career.



There is a dominant streak in the Dubhaine blood which Aednadh inherits, combined with a love of adventure. However the recent death of her mother has affected her deeply and she is uncertain what the future holds.


The following scores are based on anecdotal evidence.

Age Class Honour Prestige Swordfighting Jousting Leadership Infiltration
31 W 220 28 61 61 (74+) 10


Knight of Karbala, July
Knight of Sirion, September
Knight of Krimml, November
Countess of Greatbridge
General of Sirion
Countess of Blaastambar


Once Lady Moira's squire, Iraen is now chatelaine of the household and a link to Aednadh's mother
A giant of a man with an oft-times murky past, Yfain is a reaver's reaver: happiest when the ale flows freely and there's mischief to be done. Following the disappearance of Lady Moira he became first Rhidhana's self-appointed bodyguard and now Aednadh's. Age somehow hasn't dimmed his lust for life nor appreciably weakened his physique, though his wild hair and beard are now entirely grey
The widow of Moira's personal physician Helion, Neris has an extensive knowledge of herb lore and custodian of an extensive collection of medical treatises published in Fontan and the north
Rollo "The Young" 
A gregarious man in middle-age, he boasts a deep scar across his forehead from his youth as a freebooter. Rollo is supposedly the family's chief reeve, but more often than not he's to be found in company with Yfain or keeping an eye on Aednadh when she travels abroad
Grandson of Carl Heinman and captain of Aednadh's bodyguard, The Ghost Watch


Name Army Captain Men Type T R W A D M C CS Provisions Entertainment Service
Mounted Scouts Silver Legion Erman
20 C 75 58 64 0 99 97 512 0 02.07.1012
KDF Rhidhana's Vengeance Silver Legion Trubald
40 A 87 4 75 70 11 99 100 679 100 01.12.1012
The Ghost Watch Silver Legion Greimold
48 SF 82 4 75 90 31 98 93 1086 40 -Pub Crawls 18.10.1013
The Ironsides Silver Legion 66 C 70 70 90 0 100 40 1104 0 +Brewery 06.12.1013
The Ironsides Silver Legion Tankred
23 + 7 C 96 70 90 50 92 100 541 60 20.12.1013
The Ghost Watch Red Dragons 38 SF 75 3 79 74 41 80 75 774 0 27.06.1014
The Ghost Watch Red Dragons Leopold
75 SF 95 3 80 76 0 96 100 1730 100 10.08.1014


Date Region Participants Fee Prizes Honour Prestige Rounds Sword Jousting
06.07.1012 Sirion 96 (9 realms) 0 1000
2 0 7 Iziaslav (Dunnera) Franklin (Caligus)
1 Joe (Obsidian Islands) Bronn (Perdan)
(2 to 1)
2 Korentin (Nivemus)
(3 to 0)
7 Iziaslav (Dunnera) beat Edward Anthony (Westmoor) Franklin (Caligus) beat Netaxia (Sirion)
(2 to 1)
15.09.1012 Itorunt 106 (9 realms) 15 500
2 0 7 Walnar (Dunnera) Cain (Sirion)
1 Walnar (Dunnera) Dan Gaeros (Armonía)
(3 to 0)
2 Manish (Sirion)
(3 to 0)
3 Kezoku (Caligus)
(3 to 0)
7 Walnar (Dunnera) beat Jaroslav (Eponllyn) Cain (Sirion) beat Joreb (Perdan)
(2 to 1)
26.09.1012 Semall 86 (9 realms) 10 1000
2 1 7 Jaroslav (Eponllyn) Tanya (Armonía)
1 Wulf (Caligus) Richard Lionheart (Eponllyn)
(3 to 0)
2 Hernfelk (Perdan)
(3 to 0)
3 Ben (Perdan)
(3 to 0)
4 Gregor (Westmoor)
(3 to 0)
5 Sceptre (Armonía) wins (2 to 1)
7 Jaroslav (Eponllyn) beats Giselle (Sirion) Tanya (Armonía) beats Cain (Sirion)
(2 to 1)


July, August, November
March, April

Personal Journal

Perdan's Pride -- King Atanamir of Perdan stirs trouble amongst the Haradrim of Nivemus, threatening war
March -- Aednadh torches the Church of Humanity temple and shrines in Bruck, exacting her vengeance for the murder of her mother by King Jor's followers. For this breach of military discipline she is reprimanded and fined 150 gold crowns, though rumours circulate that Judge Ecthelion himself paid the fine out of sympathy for the young knight's heartfelt anguish
The Fall of Westmoor -- As the armies of the Northern Alliance break Westmoor City, Aednadh makes her peace with King Thomas
Sirion's Petty Civil War -- Following the secessions of Oligarch and Slimbar, Aednadh finds herself defending the noble dignity of the traitor Celine. She is slain in a duel to the death against Cymak Fireborn