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A name in the archaic Fontanese tongue Aibhlidhn means hoped for or long sought. Hence Aibhlidhn's full name means "hope delivered to the women of dark countenance".


Aibhlidhn is the daughter of Lady Aednadh Dubhaine, the former General of Sirion.


As with all the line of Moira she has the powerful, sinewy frame of a seasoned warrior. The midnight-jet of Aibhlidhn's hair grows thick and long, framing a strong face with high cheekbones and a commanding demeanour. Her amber eyes rival the piercing stare of a hawk or eagle when she's angered though at other times they sparkle with a good-natured humour.

Aibhlidhn's wargear is modest for a reigning Queen, modelled after that of her Royal Fusileers. A plain kettle helmet adorned with a simple coronet distinguishes her rank whilst her body is protected by a steel corselet over a scarlet arming jacket made of quilted silk with a reinforced leather core. A steel gorget protects her throat and matching bracers guard her forearms.

An archer's sword hangs from her girdle, light but deadly with two razor sharp edges and a curved guard for blocking attacks, and a poignard runs horizontal across her back for use at closer quarters or as a parrying blade. However her main weapon is the Agyrian Fusil, a recurve bow fashioned from a single length of flintwood (hence the name fusil) run through an adjustable grip, paired with a quiver of matching bodkins. Flintwood is found mostly in the forests of northern Agyr, a black hardwood, light as ashwood but rigid with a translucent sheen which when properly worked by a master craftsman is strong and flexible like steel.

At court Queen Aibhlidhn favours linens and light gowns of bright brocade or dazzling silks whilst for State Occasions she wears the magnificent Royal Diadem of Ar Agyr and bearskin robes of Kingly Office over the scarlet dress tunic and hose of her Royal Fusileers.

Aibhlidhn winter.png


Aibhlidhn stands highest in martial virtue of all the House of Dubhaine, a cavalier since her youth who has never turned from honourable battle and risked her life more than once in duels with other nobles. Although by nature a peacemaker Aibhlidhn is a cunning and implacable foe when war is unavoidable and her force of will is such that the small professional army of Ar Agyr has earned glory throughout Beluaterra far beyond its size.

Beluaterra has been plagued by Daimon Invasions for generations and Aibhlidhn is fully committed to defeating the Lords of the Nether once and for all. To this purpose she will intervene wherever she detects infernal interference whatever its nature and she enjoys a close relationship with her great grandmother Moira who is a shadowy influence at her court.

Strangely for a woman so driven by a higher calling, Aibhlidhn's manner is often light-hearted and during rare hard-won periods of peace she's a patron of the arts, of literature, and of scientific learning. Scholars and explorers of all sorts are welcome at her court and she's widely read in her own right, able to discuss the finer points of alchemy, theology and natural philosophy.


The following scores are based on anecdotal evidence.

Age Class Honour Prestige
59 W/C 891 48
Reputation 30
Prestige 82
Honour 28
Notoriety 1
Reaver 2
Deeds 11
Guildmaster 33
Skills 30
Swordfighting 51 60
Jousting 70 60
Leadership 71 70
Trading 18
Spellcasting 56 27
Legacy 47
Rulership 75
Dukedom 29
Lordship 39
Knighthood 43
Wealth 48
Possessions 76
Trader 19

Unique Items

Item Type Acquired Lost Prestige Bonus
Cruel Ring of Melhed Ring 03.10.1019 +8 +14% Spellcasting
Cruel Coat of Tyranny Armour 04.10.1019 +8 +8% Infiltration
Vial of Scherzer's Ashes Accessory +10 +26% Spellcasting
Wonderous Shield of Voghor Shield + 7 +8% Jousting
Dark Rapier of Thunder Weapon + 4


Knight of Sirion, August
Baroness of Tabost, November
Dame of Ar Agyr, December
Banker of Ar Agyr, December
Dame of Fronepu, June
Countess of Tepmona, September
Marshal of The Angry Agyrian Army, September
General of Ar Agyr, October
Queen of Ar Agyr, April
Duchess of Avalon, January
Duchess of Havilmark, February


Lady of the Privy Chamber
Royal squire
Company Bugler


Name Army Captain Men Type T R W A D M C CS Provisions Entertainment Designation Pay Service
Dubhaine Guards Army of Sirion Linus
48 A 63 4 75 66 0 98 45 631 60 10.08.1015
Republican Guard Army of Sirion Erman
58 MI 88 3 75 55 11 93 48 843 100 +Chummily Brewery 05.09.1015
Ironsides Angry Agyrian Army Dietrich
27 + 3 C 53 90 45 0 91 24 430 100 +Chummily Brewery
-Dance Hall
Rengo Fusileers Angry Agyrian Army Fosten
31 SF 91 5 65 70 6 84 62 767 80 -Dance Hall 10.01.1016
Rengo Fusileers Angry Agyrian Army Ulfman
66 SF 83 5 65 70 5 74 52 1240 100 +Pub Crawl 07.02.1016
Royal Fusileers Angry Agyrian Army Caedberga
106 SF 86 3 90 70 0 99 83 2112 100 +Dance Hall
-Pub Crawl
army 266 19.06.1017

Personal Journal

January, Against The Rainbow Alliance -- A mysterious portal is opened within the borders of the Shattered Vales and five undead armies in rainbow shades are unleashed upon the south. Aibhlidhn leads the West March of the Angry Agyrian Army to assist, joining decisive battles in Sandlakes and stopping a major incursion in Drinilla.
March, Against The Rainbow Alliance
April, Against The Rainbow Alliance -- The Shattered Vales have lost control of the coastal landings so Aibhlidhn launches a TO in Ketampkin to establish a beachhead for future campaigns.
May, Against The Rainbow Alliance
August, Hordes of Darkness
December, All Besieged
To Hold Agyr -- February, March
April, May, June, August, September, October, November, December
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September