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Properly translated from the original classical tongue, the name Moira means "share" or "fate". Hence Moira's full name means "the fated amongst the women of dark countenance", a not unfitting name for a woman who for many years lived her life in the storm of controversy and now battles alone against the forces of darkness.


The third of three half-sisters. Some girls are destined to be great warriors or powerful matriarchs, Moira aspires to both - the bookishness of her sister Brigdha is mixed with the athleticism of her sister Aoifa and in that marriage lies an ambition that knows only the bounds of honour. A true Dubhaine.


Moira is dark of both hair and complexion with prominent features and a sinewy frame. Her beauty is that of the winter storm, harsh and irresistible, her body scarred from a lifetime of battles whilst her face is smooth as ancient ice and sharp as glaciers, gaze heavy with the weight of ages, raven tresses shot with hoar frost.

She wields Lannceann MacTiré, the Wolfshead blade of Asena, a gift from Duke Aeneas in her youth, and the very same black-forged war axe with which she led her beloved Imperial Cagilan Guard. Her longbow is cut from a single stave of Sirion rosewood, taken from an Elven scout during the Great War, and her deadly ash-shafted bodkins are fletched with black cygnet quills. At her belt hangs a skinning knife with a vicious hooked blade and a fighting guard, a fearsome weapon in such skilled hands, and her armour is a tangle of supple drakeskin straps with metal studs and padded silksteel lining.



The following scores are based on anecdotal evidence.

Age Honour Prestige Swordfighting Adventuring Gear Money Daishi
86 41 22 61 (147) (178) 101c 100a 0g 0s 722g
Reputation 7
Prestige 20
Honour 2
Skills 12 Swordfighting 21 Infiltration 20 Adventuring 70


Moira is driven by a deep conviction that power should derive from the consent of the nobility, as represented by the knights of the realm. Democracy is close to her heart, although she would find the concept of letting peasants have a voice in the affairs of state incomprehensible: only the knights have both the education to understand the interests of the realm, and the commitment to serve it selflessly. Unfortunately her ideas run foul of the usual practice of feudal patronage, and she finds it difficult to see appointees who fail to undergo election as anything other than oligarchic impositions on the body politic. This is an area where cooler heads would keep their opinions to themselves, but Moira has a temper and is prone to righteous indignation when her views are discounted out of hand: therein lies part of the reason for her self-imposed exile from the glorious Cagilan Empire as the Republic as a system of government can be oppressive to a young noble starting out on her career.

Whilst her temper is tempestuous it is rarely seen in full flow and to most eyes she is by turns charming, gracious and downright riotous. The men and women under her command are all hand picked for their courage and skill, and she shares a camaraderie with them that defies all social conventions: she accepts and encourages familiarity from those who would willingly lay down their lives in her service and reckons it no diminishment of her honour to listen to their opinions. However on the battlefield she presents a grim, humourless demeanour and exercises iron discipline over her company.

Honour is a significant factor in her thinking and she will not turn her hand against those incapable of harming her. This is an ancient notion of chivalry and is partly mixed up with her private spiritual beliefs, of which she is very reticent to talk. As such she does not engage in looting or the lynching of defenceless peasants. The men and women under her command would probably do these things without a second thought as many of those who follow her banner have experienced the joys of freebooting: perhaps if a situation triggered other, deeper emotions she would let them have their head but you can be sure her conscience would plague her afterwards. There is always a price to be paid for unleashing the shadow.


Two children were born to Moira during her years in Fontan, three during her exile hunting the Zuma wastes of Dwilight.

Rhidhana followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming both a war hero and a prominent politician. She fell defending the gates of Krimml.

The second child was raised by her father Aeneas in Sultanate of Asena and was mother of House Gabanus..

Ciarghuala is a high-ranking noble of Dwilight best known for her life-long battle against the monstrous hordes plaguing the east, and for her leadership of the abortive attempt to reclaim Golden Farrow after the western continent was overrun. In recent years her careful handling of Luria's Grand Pantry has earned her many admirers and a coveted position as Dean of Economics at the University of Dwilight.

Scein is bound to the service of Taselak by the strange wyrd of her birth. Deathless and undying she opposes all who serve the infernal powers with fire and steel and unyielding determination.

Threiginion hunts the shadows of Dwilight continuing Moira's mission to bring justice to the unjust and death to the deathless, hoping in this way to overcome the wyrd of her birth.

Scein and Threiginion are twins, afflicted in the womb by Zuma sorcery. Though each is mortal, they are both bound to this world.


1007 December Noble of Fontan
1008 January Knight of Krimml
Knight of Negev
April Countess of Oporto
August Supreme Justice of Fontan
1009 February Supreme Justice Fontan
May Marchioness of Negev
1011 January Freewoman of Caerwyn
1016 January Freewoman of Ar Agyr


Reia A former Paladin of Darton who fought with the Lions at the storming of Tokat, later moving to Dwilight after Fontan fell. She saved Moira's life following a fight in Via and is now her travelling companion.
Iraen Once Moira's squire, Iraen became her chatelaine and closest confidante before joining Brigdha's household.
Caradoc Moira's squire. Whereabouts unknown.
Yfain A giant of a man with an oft-times murky past, Yfain is a reaver's reaver: happiest when the ale flows freely and there's mischief to be done. He and his four freebooters joined the Imperial Cagilan Guard on January 2nd 1008 having previously been employed as guards by a smuggler in Isadril. He has since survived massacre and mayhem and went on to become Rhidhana's bodyguard.
Helion A severe man in late middle-age, Helion was Moira's personal physician and an acknowledged expert on mental disorders and the infamous Red Shade toxin. Died of old age.
Neris Once Helion's assistant and latterly personal physician to Brigdha. A woman with an extensive knowledge of herblore.
Rollo (Rollo the Young) Yfain's youngest companion, boasting a deep scar across his forehead from their last adventure. Rollo was Moira's chief scout. Whereabouts unknown.


Imperial Cagilan Guard Infantry A company of elite heavy infantry composed exclusively of Cagilan ex-patriots
Oporto Irregulars Mixed Infantry Brave woodsmen from Oporto
Moira's Sharpshooters Special Forces There's mixed infantry, and then there's the Sharpshooters
Moira's Rangers Special Forces Commando raiders


A record of battles Moira Dubhaine has participated in.

January February March April May June July August September October November December
1008 February March April May June July September October 1008


A record of Moira's more significant encounters with the enemies of humanity.

January February March April May June July August September October November December
1011 January September October December

Personal Journal

Fontan, East Continent

Moira started her career in Krimml, accompanied by a small bodyguard. She distilled her small retinue of retainers down to the barest minimum: the five men who originally formed The Imperial Cagilan Guard. Her decision to give her allegiance to Fontan in its war with Sirion, Old Rancagua, Light of Fountain and The Obsidian Isles was based on their much-vaunted democracy and the injustice of a nation standing against so many others.

January 1008, The Oberndorf Campaign

Prior to commencement of the campaign, Moira swore allegiance to Marchioness Abigail Captain of Negev. At the same time she became embroiled in political controversy over appointment of the new lords of Montijo and Oberndorf, standing by the principle of accountable democratic institution of those posts in the face of broad public condemnation.

February 1008, The Akesh Temple Campaign & The Raid on Ashforth

Following her distinguished actions in the Oberndorf Campaign, Moira was assigned to the Democratic Guards for the final assault on Akesh Temple. The city fell early in the month, but the Light of Fontan government continued to put up stiff resistance for several days following the main battle and Moira was one of the judges presiding over the treason trials which followed.

Towards the end of the month she was inducted into the Lions and withdrew to Krimml to recruit a force worthy of the name, preparatory to the lightning feint through the Sirion marches that ended with the successful raid on Ashforth in Old Rancagua.

March 1008, Reformation of the Council of Defence

Low-intensity warfare and conquest in the Old Rancaguan Duchy of Kazakh, marred by political turmoil and an irreparable breach with Lord Sulliven over the reformation of the Council of Defence. Faced with an ultimatum and unable to ignore her responsibilities as a member of the Fontan Assembly, Moira resigns from the Lions and is reassigned to the Order of Thunder where she joins in the second wave of the assault on Avamar and the resecuring of the captured northern territories.

April 1008, Countess of Oporto

To celebrate the conclusion of their southern wars the Perdanese held a tournament in Partora where Moira settled old differences with Duke Aeneas of Kazakh.

May 1008, The Strange Case of Sir Louis de la Fere

The Red Shade Incident rears its ugly head once more. At the end of the month the Civil War erupts amidst the treachery of Dukes Gregor and Alexi, but Moira's journal is silent on the matter.

June 1008, A House Divided

Fontan is in the depths of the worst conflict it has ever seen.

July 1008, Last Stand of The Guard

Perdanese raiders cut a swathe of destruction through Fontan's southern provinces. Heavily outnumbered the Imperial Cagilan Guard fought to the last man defending the courthouse.

August 1008, Judge Not

Elected as Supreme Justice of Fontan, Moira faces controversy over her hard-line approach to law enforcement even as she is busily working on new legislative reforms.

December 1008, The End of the Southern War

Months of desperate warfare with the Southern Alliance have left Fontan close to disintegration and Caligan sympathisers mount a coup in Oporto. Following its recapture by Levente Koga the nobility of Fontan elect a new Count to hold the territory and Moira turns her attention to other duties.

January 1009, The Doom of Elfland

Following the loss of her title as Countess of Oporto, Moira prepares once more for war with the aid of an old friend and a new company.

February 1009, The Servant of Justice

Once more elected Supreme Justice of Fontan.

April 1009, A Traitor's Birthday, A Hero's Fall

Moira attends a tournament celebrating the 75th birthday of Lord Gregor Relak. Little does she realise that by the end of the month Fontan will suffer yet another terrible blow with the deaths in obscure circumstances of Sulliven Koga and many of his close associates.

May 1009, Warrant of Execution

The death of Lord Jon Paul.

June 1009, The Revenant Abroad

Though slain for his evil deeds, Lord Jon Paul once more casts a long shadow across Fontan.

July 1009, The Raid on Sirion

Moira's Rangers return to Ashforth after a fortnight fighting their way into and out of Sirion.


Regarding the Jens Trial

Inauguration Address following election as Supreme Justice

The Noble Adventurer


Location of Sages and Wizards (Beluaterra)

Name Type Location Time Item Components
Trok Wizard Junohep 26.07.1017 Day Scroll of Fountain of Youth
  • 2 x 100 Year Old Bark
  • 1x Rare Woodland Flower
  • 2x Fine Silk
  • 2x Fine Silk

Location of Sages and Wizards (Dwilight)

Name Type Location Time Item Components
Jahoren Wizard Elets 04.09.1011 Day
  • Scroll of Healing
  • Scroll of Decay
  • 2 x 100 Year Old Bark
  • 2 x Crystal Globe
Zuhiko Sage Mech Alb 16.09.1011 Night
  • Crystal Fragments
  • Small Diamond
  • Book of Daimon Banishing
Jahoren Wizard Knyazes 16.09.1011 Night
  • Scroll of Decay
  • Cane of the Blackest Wood
  • 2 x Giant Serpent Eyes
  • 2 x Old Rings
  • 2 x Stones of Jade
Kalas Sage Uppervia 22.09.1011 Day
  • Small Diamond
  • 4 gold, 4 silver
  • Dragon's Tooth
  • Coloured Feather
  • Monster Skull

Unique Items

Item Type Owner Acquired Yielded Reward
Elemental Scythe of Bloodletting Weapon Earl Noah Ironheart 04.02.1011 26.07.1011 to Corin O'Neil 30 gold
Dazzling Ring of Beauty Ring Moira 15.03.1011 18.04.1011 to Amandil of Umbar 15 gold
Guard of Righteousness Shield Viscount Brackern of Burgundy 15.04.1011 05.04.1012 reclaimed by the Gods
Compendium of Time Book Marchioness Daenah Dragoria 29.09.1011 05.10.1011 15 gold


Name Effect
Magic Steeds This ritual will grant an infantry unit magical horses for a single battle, turning them into cavalry. Since the magic horses require no training to ride and are quite battle-trained, this magically-created cavalry is very deadly.
Magic Steeds This ritual will grant an infantry unit magical horses for a single battle, turning them into cavalry. Since the magic horses require no training to ride and are quite battle-trained, this magically-created cavalry is very deadly.
Magic Armour This ritual will grant a unit magic-enhanced armour for a single battle, protecting them more effectively
Fountain of Youth This scroll is said to make old men feel young again. It will give new energy to its target and remove fatigue.


Noble Date Item
Sir Amandil of Umbar, Tyrant of Itaulond, Duke of Itau 18.04.1011 Dazzling Ring of Beauty
Daenah Dragoria, Marchioness of Farrowfield 05.10.1011 Compendium of Time
28.06.1017 Ancient Documents
Bloodscreamer Thesseus Polytus 16.09.1017 scrolls

Personal Journal

December 1010, The Shadows of Dwilight

A woman bearing a striking resemblance to Moira Dubhaine has been seen in the wild lands of Caerwyn. Is she the former Supreme Justice?

January 1011, Memories of the Past

Having settled herself in the free city of Via, Moira hunts evil in the wild places and faces it with fortitude. But how can she forget all that was lost when she surrendered her noble status to save the realm she loved?

June 1011, The Darker Path

Following the arrival of a mysterious sheet of blank paper Moira heads south from Caerwyn to the Zuma Coalition.

July 1011, In The Belly of The Beast

Moira seeks a new owner for the Elemental Scythe of Bloodletting.

September 1011, Justice Stalks The Night

As Caerwyn dissolves into anarchy, bandits make the mistake of robbing Moira of her hard-earned gold.

February 1016, Against The Hordes of Darkness

As the Daimon invasion of Beluaterra heats up, Moira does her bit to forestall tragedy.

March 1016, Even Death Must Die

July 1017, Unbowed

The tale of Moira's disappearance for many years as she hunted the necromancer Kerreth-Torg in the Nether.

On her return she treks to the ancient city of Ossmat to take service with the Northern Alliance and battle the dread vampire cult infesting the undercity, the beginning of an epic quest through the southern plains of Thalmarkin in search of the cult's leader to find them amassing large armies of undead in Junohep. Meanwhile Thalmarkin is assaulted by daemonic hordes with the cities of Unger and Vore struck simultaneously.

August 1017, The Death Dealer

September 1017, The Death Dealer

Moira joins a desperate mission to open linked portals across the north of Beluaterra and banish the remaining Daimon host.

October 1017, The Death Dealer

November 1017, Guarding the Home Front

December 1017, Guarding the Home Front

January 1018, Guarding the Home Front

February 1018, Guarding the Home Front

July 1018, The Siege of Mhed

August 1018, On the Brink

September 1018, Keeping the Faith

October 1018

December 1019

January 1020