Dubhaine Family/Moira/Roleplays/2016/March

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March 6th, Rengo

After 2 hours, you finally find an organized undead army.

Because you are close to home and familiar with the lay of the land, you are able to use the terrain to your advantage. The battle rages, you against the undead. Your blows land true, shattering them to dust left and right.

From the remains of the undead, you gather valuables and treasures worth a total of 3 gold, 2 silver.

You also find some common items among the loot: The bark from a very old oak.

March 20th, Fronepu

After searching the area for 2 hours, following trails and noises, you finally encounter a large horde of monsters.

You notice that they have a leader, an alpha monster, a really big and ugly one, whatever you want to call it.

You fight with everything you've got - but the monsters turn out too strong or too many for you. And then things start to go badly.

You can not get away from them, and find yourself surrounded! They beat you and break a bone or two. You finally escape, bleeding and dazed. You have been wounded.