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For nearly five hundred years the Dragoria family has been a part of the nobility in Atamara.

Seventy years ago the family was large, prosperous, and lived in Changsu. After a series of droughts, battles, and pestilences all occurred within two years, only the youngest son, thirteen year old Dornian remained. With his family estate burned to the ground, he set out with only his title, three hundred gold pieces, and many horrible memories to find a new place for himself.

He spent fifteen years roaming Atamara before marrying the only child of a wealthy merchant in Tarkhog. The merchant's daughter was a beautiful seventeen year old brunette, named Jeseria. Five years after his marriage to Jeseria, her merchant father Morgan died of a plague. Dornian inherited the merchant's small family estate. It was here that he determined that he would settle and raise his own family. After eight years of marriage Jeseria bore one son, Roblerian, then two and three years later two daughters named Pamelia and Tamela.

For the last thirty-nine years, the family Dragoria has been located in the province of Tarkhog. During this time period no one other then locals and historians have known of the family.

As Roblerian grew in wisdom, he also grew in popularity amongst the locals. At the age of 22 he married the youngest daughter, sixteen year old Dinah, of Hermius Torbliun, another minor noble of the region. Roblerian never felt the need to traverse the lands like his father, except for a single visit to Beluaterra, where he begot his bastard daughter Daelily on a beautiful seventeen year old native girl named Mara. After feeling immense guilt for straying from his wife, he confessed to her and then swore that he would never travel again. Instead has spent his time studying or maintaining and growing his fathers estates.

After four years of marriage Dinah the beautiful black haired, blue eyed wife of Roblerian, bore a group of triplets, Roderian, the eldest son, Daenah, and Diodan. Four years later she bore a son named Doran. After another two years she bore a daughter named Alanna. A year later she bore a son named Orlen. And a year after that the youngest daughter Arwen was born.

Only during the last two years with the departure of Roderian and Diodan to Carelia and Daenah to Taselak has the family name begun to be know outside of Tarkhog.

With all eight of Roblerian's children having the desire to distinguish themselves, the Dragoria family may well become known throughout the entire known world.

Family Member and Age:
Dornian (married to Jeseria) - Age 88
Jeseria (married to Dornian) - Age 72

Roblerian (only son of Dornian) - Age 51
Pamelia (sister to Roblerian, not married) - Age 49
Tamelia (sister to Roblerian, married to ) - Age 48
Dinah (married to Roblerian) - Age 40

Roderian (eldest son of Roblerian) - Age 25
Daenah (daughter of Roblerian) - Age 25
Diodan (son of Roblerian) - Age 25
Daelily (bastard daughter of Roblerian) - Age 24
Doran (son of Roblerian) - Age 16
Alanna (daughter of Roblerian) - Age 14
Orlun (son of Roblerian) - Age 13
Arwen (daughter of Roblerian) - Age 12