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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Shadowdale
Part of::Shadow's Bluff
is regiontype::Townsland
East Coast
Trade, Fishing


On the western prairie herds of twisthorn deer and humpbeasts roam a landscape of tall grass and prickly shrubs, haunt of the ferocious prairie tiger. The scaly orange heads of mole lizards pop in and out of burrows as the highway from Krimml snakes eastward, flicking their forked tongues at passers-by.

A hinterland of ranches separates the dry prairie from the fertile coastal strip. Horses, donkeys, and big hoof cattle roam freely, but sheep and hogs are rarely reared beyond the watchful view of bow-armed farmhands.

In the east gentle hills support a patchwork of fields: bread grain; ale grain; oats, and feedstraw. Orchards of black melon, crescent nut, and sugarleaf trees shade creeks and irrigation canals. Each winter, bands of hardy farmers journey west to hunt the wild herds while fields lay fallow and the tigers hibernate.

Negev township guards the highway between Fontan and Karbala. Trade goods from both ports bring spices, cloth, and herbs from across the continent. Occasionally a merchant will display colorful banners or hire trumpeters to announce wares from even further abroad. Other stalls stock fresh catches of blue leapfish, boulder crabs, meat and oil from forkhead whales. The unmistakable funk of raw seafood battles with the scents of warm melon pastries, roast lamb, and newly cured leather.

Historically little in Negev was built with defense in mind as this was the heartland of [Realm:Fontan], however following the Civil War the ruling Dubhaine Family erected a fortification of earth and pikewall overlooking the market commons, home to military and government buildings.

To the north lie the Fields of the Fallen, a ritual centre dedicated to the soldiers who fell in the Great War. The tomb of the legendary hero Rhidhana Dubhaine guards the approach.

Negev takes its name from the Old Fontanese "ne geve" - "without hunger". last updated on 2012-07-17 by Brigdha


Economic Sector Workers Quality
Manufacturing 20 % average
Trade 18 % average
Farming 17 % substandard
Fishing 17 % average


  • Negev has seceded from the realm of Fontan. It has joined in the creation of a new realm, Light of Fountain, led by Lycastus. --Indirik 2 April 2006 07:06 (CEST)
  • Negev was eventually recovered by Fontan.
  • Negev became part of the secession that formed the Confederacy of Fontan. Its lord returned it to Fontan, but the region was reconquered by the Confederacy. Fontan again reconquered it and held it until the end of the civil war.