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East Continent



Shadow King Lindow Moonsun
Grey Exarch

Cauldron Master

Luna Tempest

Maccio Aurelle
Brice Wykeo

Realm border posts
Be aware!

You are entering into the Shadow Lands, allies and friends are welcome.

"May the shadows engulf you..."

- Shadow King, Lindow Moonsun.,


The Spider Queen Era

The realm of Shadowdale arose when the Duchess Luciferase of Karbala achieved the independence of her duchy, belonging to Sirion, being self-proclaimed as Spider Queen of Shadowdale. The Spider Queen established a theocratic system whose maximum exponent was herself. There were hardly any laws, everything was regulated by the right of duel, a common means to enforce your claims. In foreign policy, in order to improve his relations with Sirion, Shadowdale entered into the conflict that arose after the Rebellion of First Oligarch, an allusion to an ancient kingdom with the same name. Although the start of the war granted Shadowdale great territorial benefits, the victory was not achieved so easily. The defenders of First Oligarch resisted for more than a year, supported by southern kingdoms, in a game of alliances that would unleash a much bigger and cruel war in the future. It was at this point in the war against First Oligarch that the Spider Queen locked herself in her palace and she did not go out again, leaving the realm unattended. This caused Shadowdale's nobles to rebel against her, throwing her off the throne.

Dark Era

Little is known about this era. There was a king whose name is unknown since it lasted very little on the throne. The only thing that stands out is that Shadowdale ceased to be a theocracy and became in a monarchy. Futhermore, the cult of spiders created by Luciferase ended with her disappearance.

The Shadow King Era


Shadowdale is currently a despotic monarchy wherein the ruler makes the decisions, consulting the Shadow Council when they are important issues.

Realm Hierarchy

  • Ruler
  • Shadow Council
  • Dukes and Duchess
  • Lords
  • Knights and Nobles

Shadow Council

  • Ambassadors: with competences in foreign policy.
  • Grey Exarch: with competencies in external and internal defense policies.
  • Tormentor: with competencies in Justice and Law.
  • Cauldron Master: with competencies in Commerce and Taxes.


Shadowdale now has one army in its service.

  • Shadow Legion.png The Shadow Legion Shadow Legion.png it is the Flagship army of Shadowdale. It was founded by Lindow Moonsun when he was crowned as Shadow King. The Banner of the Shadow Legion has been seen in many regions across the continent, from the north to the south.

Military Decorations

  • Royal unit: more than 9 campaigns, maximum recruitment limit, prestige 20, 2 months in the realm, warrior class, cavalier/hero subclass.
  • Elder unit: between 4 and 8 campaigns, maximum recruitment limit, prestige 10, 1 month in the realm, warrior class.
  • Prime unit: between 1 and 3 campaigns, maximum recruitment limit, prestige 5.
  • Cavalry Order: maximum cavalry recruitment limit, prestige 20, 2 month in the realm, warrior class, cavalier/hero subclass.

All of this decorations must appoint by letter or personally just by the Shadow King.


Several religions have a presence in Shadowdale, but the most present and influential is The Shadow, which is held firmly by many religious nobles both inside and outside the realm.


Shadowdale's Legal Code