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Family Repository

Family History

Ancient History

The Tempest family history starts on the continent of Beluaterra ages before now. It is rumored that the very first Tempest was sparked into existence from a violent lighting storm on a snowy mountain peak. Folklore describes Bolt Tempest, the founder of the family as a born master of the air elements, taking command of the wind and lighting to forge a great and noble family. However as time passed, less Tempest children would be born with elemental gifts. By The Seventh Age of Beluaterra the family had descended to become lesser nobles with their last remaining modest estate in Yipinalke.

The Seventh Age of Beluaterra

The Seventh Age saw the birth Brigitte and her nieces of Sol and Luna, sisters of the Tempest family. While Sol was born with a gift of primal fire, Brigitte and Luna were born with no discernible gifts. The sisters would form a bond despite the wishes of their parents. Without a gift Luna was the black sheep of her family. Luna would desert her homeland and leave for East Continent while Brigitte was married off to a lord of Dwilight.

Sol continues her support of Thalmarkin until the secession off Vordul Sanguinis and swears her allegiance the Emperor Xlair Silverblade. As a reward for her Loyalty the Emperor would grant her lands the region of Ippetimbal and proclaim her Baroness Sol Tempest.

The Seventh Age of East Continent

Luna leaves Beluaterra to forge her own destiny on the East Continent. She arrives in Shadowdale, and becomes a patron of the Grey university in Karbala. After two years in Shadowdale she swears her fealty and knowledge to the Shadow King Lindow Moonsun.

The Sixth Decade of Dwilight

As her husband was a Lord within the realm of Sol, Brigitte would become a dame of Sol. When Brigitte's husband died of old age and the estate left to his children Lady Tempest was left to her own devices. Brigitte would hastily move to Unterstorm pledge herself a Knight of Sol and joined the Solaran Strike.


The last remaining living Nobles of Tempest Family. Sol Tempest is the current head of the family and the dominate line of the Tempest genealogy. However Luna and Brigitte's distance from Beluaterra leave their destiny free to them.

Sol Tempest.jpg
Sol Tempest
Vordul Sanguinis
Sol, the Eldest child of the Tempest family hails from the province of Yipinalke. Born with the gift of fire magic Sol was trained to harness the power of her namesake with complimented knight training. Upon coming of age to be a lady she was quite skilled with a single blade and modest magic skills. On her 17th birthday Sol could be described as a slender women standing around 5ft7 with skin as pale as snow and blonde hair to match. Her eyes normally are a faint golden color however glimmer like topaz while spell casting. This is off putting to some common folk who often refer to her as the tempest witch.
Luna Tempest.jpg
Luna Tempest
East Continent Shadowdale
Luna, Sol's younger sister also hails from the province of Yipinalke. Luna was born with no discernible elemental gifts therefore her parents were apathetic towards her. She received sword training from the family Master-at-Arms and sparred often with Sol. She would become very proficient with both a short and long blade, besting even her elder sister. Upon turning 15 Luna realized she would gain no prestige remaining under her parents and in Sol's shadow. She took whatever she could carry and deserted her homeland of Beluaterra for The East Continent. Luna can be described as a women with an average build, standing around 5' 6". Luna's hair is as dark as a ravens feathers and her eyes are as bright as a full blue moon.
Brig Tempest 1 Square.jpg
Brigitte Tempest
Brigitte was the second and much younger daughter to Mars Tempest. So much younger that she was more an elder sister to Sol and Luna than an aunt. As a second daughter with no visible gift of the elements Brigitte was no more then currency to the Tempest Family and married off to a foreign lord at 16. Her husband would carry her off to his homeland of Dwilight. Always optimistic, strong willed and brave Brigitte would demand Knight training from her husband and become an excellent equestrian with aspirations of becoming a cavalier. Brigitte has an athletic build and stands at 5'9". Brigitte's hair is a charming auburn hue while her eyes are devoid of colour giving her a steely gaze. When her elderly husband died at the age of 25 Brigitte set off to find her own path.
Ashe Tempest Square.png
Ashe Tempest
South Island
Ashe is from a branch of the Tempest family that is now considered lost lineage. Orphaned at a young age she knew nothing of her parents or heritage except that she was part of an ancient family. A lone talisman that bears the Crest of the Tempest Family is Ashe's only remaining possession from childhood and her most treasured item. Upon coming to adulthood Ashe can be described lean and sleek woman standing around 5ft3. Her ivory skin and alabaster hair are only contrasted by her blood red eyes. Her diminutive stature, quick thinking and agile movements has seen her gravitate towards a solitary life of infiltrating and spying for anyone who will pay.

Family Tree


These surveyors have no claim to the Tempest name, they simply bear the name as a convenience for their work. These commoners often perform contract survey works for the Tempest Family Aristocracy, collecting information from regions that may be to far away for a Noble to travel.

Vordul Sanguinis
Argo, is a solitary adventurer who is often cloaked and rarely speaks. She occasionally does contract survey work for the Tempest Family.
Celessa Square.jpg
Tol Goldora
Celessa,is a solitary ranger who is often cloaked and rarely speaks. She occasionally does contract survey work for the Tempest Family.

Tempest Cartography

One of the few things the Tempest sisters Sol and Luna shared was their love of Geography. Studying regions, surveying the land and then scribing their own maps. They would often get into heated discussions over strategic locations, notable features and even borders. The two would toil and debate endlessly over their work with the end result being maps that could only be described as a labour of love.

Plotted Maps

The Cartography Archive contains all the completed works of the Tempest Family.

Sample Maps

Cartography Requests

The Tempest Family is open to scribing you a map however they have some rules:

  • Request must be made in game to a Noble and in an appropriate manner.
  • One of the Family Members must be able to reach the region in question, its hard to make a map of somewhere you have never been.
  • Depending on the distance an Adventurer may be sent to the region for the survey instead of a Noble making the trip.
  • The Noble or Lord making the request is to graciously host the surveyor regardless if they are a Noble or Commoner.
  • The Noble or Lord making the request will need some sort of summary of the region in question.


All maps are an artistic representation of the region and/or city. They may not conform to all game standards (Dragon's are not that common!) and should not be taken as irrefutable fact for the purposes of roleplay.