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Hic sunt leones

There is no point to playing this game without having outrageous, crazy ambitions.

– JeVondair

The JeVondair family's roots began in the Desert of Silhouettes, an arid province in eastern Dwilight inhabited by sandborn clans and long-disputed between the island realm of D'Hara and the mainland empire of Luria Nova. It was during a period of D'Haran expansion that Rynn JeVondair was first knighted as a representative of the sandborn peoples: a dark-haired, dusky-skinned race of tribes distinguished by their tawny features and the elaborate braids they wore that denoted clan, rank, and even accomplishments. The family's original colors were red and black representing Blood and Duty. The three red spokes of the family crest represent the three main familial branches: The main line that are direct descendants of Rynn JeVondair and his immediate family, The Eastersands, a related sandborn tribe that Rynn elevated, and the Selenian branch which is perhaps the most famous of them all. The rampant lion was adopted by the JeVondairs for their crest as it embodies core values that the JeVondairs enshrine. It's gold coloring is a symbol of royalty. Writ in gold beneath the crest read the JeVondair Family motto: Hic sunt leones, meaning "Here are Lions" in common.

There are now three major branches of the JeVondair family. The eldest of these are the Originals (comprised of the blood descendants of Rynn JeVondair), followed by the Eastersands (comprised of the blood decendants of the Eastersand clan whose scions were adopted into the JeVondair family and knighted at Rynn's Order), and the Selenian branch (comprised of the blood descendants of Selenia and favored servants thereof). Each branch is unique in their own way, with their own associations and mannerisms. The Originals and the Eastersands, for example, both retain their strong resemblence the sandborn of their shared homeland. And last, but not least, the Selenian branch, lacking that blood, vary wildly in appearance and heritage.

Regardless of their differences, members of this family have served in every capacity of government and leadership. The JeVondairs have ruled nations on four continents including the Dragon Kingdom of D'Hara, the Empire of the Ivory Vales, the Imperium of Greater Xavax, Sacred Obia'Syela, and the Sovereignty of Halcyon; having served founding roles in the last three. They have founded guilds to include the Great House JeRavosi, the The Templars and The Inquisition, and even a religion - The Heralds of Obeah. They have been victorious in many duels, often killing their opponents. They have conquered, commanded armies, slain daimons, and challenged the status quo. On rare occasion, they've been known to walk in the land of the dead and return.

A JeVondair with a cause tends to bring tectonic change in their wakes.

JeVondair Family
Fame 43
Wealth 4880
Home Region Desert of Silhouettes
Home World Dwilight
Trust Trust-medal.gif Roleplaying RP-medal.gif Fun Fun-medal.gif
Legendary Family 24 24 21

JeVondair Family Tree

*  = Duke/Duchess **= Ruler ***=Duke/Duchess+Ruler
+  = Marriage/Coupling
:  = Banker
^ = Judge
<> = General
~  = Adventurer
!  = Religion Founder
°  = Guildmaster
() = NPC 

                                                    +                  +
               Eastersands                   ***Khari Kye***  ***<:~Selenia~:>***-
                    |                               |                  |          \       
(knighted from related clan by Rynn)***<:~Kharyn Kye~:>***- Kyryn Kye  |           \
                    |                                                  +        (rescued)         
           -----------------------------                              ???           |
           |                           |                               |            |
***°!<^:Rania Eastersand:^>!°*** **<Mavia Eastersand>**       (Högni Peredhel)~*Ayden Tórrarin*~
           |                                                                        |
           +                                                                        +
          ???                                                                 Asher Renodin
           |                                                                        |
       Stheno                                                           (Nemean JeVondair Renodin)
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Listed in Order of Creation

Appearance Name Alias Brief Description/Accomplishments Family Branch Latest Home Flag
Rynn JeVondair.gif Rynn The Scion First noble of the JeVondair Line, Prime Minister of D'Hara, Duke of Raviel, Husband of Khari Kye of Golden Farrow. Rynn paced the floor of his apartments. For the first time in far too long he was wearing robes of state, rather than the armor he grown accustomed to. The sapphire hilted bastard sword strapped to his back, however, was no ceremonial blade. Rynn had been unwilling to part with the family heirloom for any reason, it was as much a part of him as the elements were. Nevertheless, His raiment looked resplendent, D'Haran blue and gold clashing dramatically with his hazel green eyes and light brown skin. Enter Kharyn & Kyryn: The Royal Twins
  • Heritage:First noble of the JeVondair line - raised from the sandborn tribes of the Desert of Silhouettes.
  • Spouses: Khari Kye - Royal Duchess of Golden Farrow
  • Heirs: Kharyn Kye JeVondair, Kyryn Kye JeVondair
Original D'Hara-Banner.png
Lion-el.gif Lion'El The Forsworn Firstborn. Husband of Selenia; Enter Selenia: The Grieving Widow
  • Heritage: Disowned Firstborn of the Original JeVondair line - raised from the sandborn tribes of the Desert of Silhouettes.
  • Spouses: Selenia JeVondair - commoner of Aurvandil, Dwilight
  • Heirs: Selenia JeVondair (by Marriage)
Original D'Hara-Banner.png
Kalixta.gif Kalixta The Lone Wolf The last true Duchess of Melheld. Though she never revealed to others why she left the Desert sands of Dwilight, it was no secret that Kalixta hated her family. Her journey to escape them, she traveled first to Atamarra and then to Belutarra before finally settling in the northern republic of Melhed. It seemed a quiet place. A place for her to escape her past. She found solace in learning the sword, mastering and swiftly becoming Melhed's finest swordsman.

When Kalixta had first arrived and joined the army, the 5th Invasion was only just ending. She herself participated in its final battles, slaying daemon, monster, and undead horrors alike in the defence of Man. Only when the last Daemon was cast back into the Abyss did the blights at last begin to lift from the land.

  • Heritage: First daughter of the Original JeVondair line - raised from the sandborn tribes of the Desert of Silhouettes.
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: None
Original Melhed.jpg
Selenia -Flame of the South.gif Selenia The Phoenix Queen From Aurvandian adventurer to Warqueen! She appeared to be about 30 years old, but it was a well-known effect of a Fountain of Youth scroll and that in reality she was quite a bit older, over 50. She was powerfully well built, indicating to any with eyes to see that she was clearly a practiced swordswoman, and if her tone alone was not enough, the light white of faded scars would reveal her for the warrior she was. She was clearly in top athletic form, despite her age and the fact that she'd had a son. Her lips were full and made for smirking, her features were evenly spaced, and there was a dignity about her that commanded respect. Enter Högni Peredhel: Child of Earth and Light
  • Heritage: Bastard daughter of minor Aurvandil noble
  • Spouses: Lion'El JeVondair, Father of her child is believed to be a Sirion of the old blood
  • Heirs: Högni Peredhel JeVondair
Selenian Phoenix of Xavax.png
Mavia Concept.gif Mavia Eastersand The Silk General The Hope of a Shattered Empire. After being knighted by Rynn, Mavia was separated from her twin sister Rania for the first time to begin her career in the embattled realm of Sorraine in the Far East. She was swiftly recruited to the Defenders of the Faith.

It was not long, however, before Mavia recieved a royal summons from Mara Tandaros, Queen of Melhed and scion of one of the JeVondair's greatest allied families to join her court in Beluaterra. Mavia departed immediately and participated in Melhed's Final War against Thalmarkin, later known to some as the War of Ice and Sun. During this time, She became Duchess of Fronepu. Mavia, however, was not militarily inclined, prefering instead the life of a courtier and doing her best to maintain the regions in her care while her warrior Queen led her wolf legions against the Eagles of Thalmarkin...and lost.

  • Heritage: JeVondair cousin raised from the sandborn tribes of the Desert of Silhouettes.
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: None
Eastersand IvoryValeofFheuvenemBanner.gif
The Oracle's Chambers.gif Rania Eastersand The Herald of Obeah Vengeance to Salvation, As a native of the Desert of Silhouettes in Dwilight, the Oracle of Obeah cuts a striking figure. Tall for a woman, dark-featured, toned, slender of frame but strong of build. Her hands still bear the fading scars of a career swordswoman. She holds the bearing of a mystic, a queen, and an eminently capable sorceress. Now middle-aged, her hair is streaked here and there with silver. Enter Stheno: Child of Flame and Night
  • Heritage: JeVondair cousin raised from the sandborn tribes of the Desert of Silhouettes.
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: Stheno Eastersand JeVondair
Eastersand Obiabanner.png
JeVondairFemale.png Kharyn Kye The First Sovereign Adventurous Wanderer Forever seeking Greatness. Firstborn child of Duke Rynn JeVondair and Grand Duchess Khari Kye. Elder twin sister to Kyryn Kye JeVondair. Niece-in-Law of Phoenix Queen Selenia JeVondair and second-cousin of Oracle Rania Eastersand JeVondair.
  • Heritage: Daughter of Rynn JeVondair and Khari Kye, elder twin sister of Kyryn Kye
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: None
Original Halcyon-Banner.png
JeVondairMale.png Kyryn Kye The Overshadowed Prince The Shadow of Rynn. Second child of Duke Rynn JeVondair and Grand Duchess Khari Kye. Younger twin brother to Sovereign Duchess Kharyn Kye JeVondair. Nephew-in-Law of Phoenix Queen Selenia JeVondair and second-cousin of Oracle Rania Eastersand JeVondair.
  • Heritage: Son of Rynn JeVondair and Khari Kye, younger twin brother of Kyryn Kye
  • Spouses:
  • Heirs:
Original Realm Banner 1.png
Istarion JeVondair.gif Istarion The Tomdream Pirate of Beppo Yo ho ho
  • Heritage: None
  • Spouses: Kaysa Dragul
  • Heirs: None
Original IkalakFlagBanner.png
Ayden - duchess of blades.gif Ayden Tórrarin The Duchess of Blades The Orphan of War. AKA The Fearless/Sable Jaguar. Ayden is a huntress first and foremost. She is the adopted daughter of Godric Tórrarin ka Habb (who rescued her as an orphaned child) and also of Xerarch Selenia Jevondair (who took Ayden into her household). She's lost her homeland, her Queen, and her Arch-nemesis Asher Renodin...the father of her son Nemean Renodin.

Ayden is of average height, slim, with a high forehead, full lips, and long brown hair is kept pinned back in complex braids. Accustomed to the wild's solitude, Ayden keeps her feelings very guarded and has little practice expressing them. The vulnerability that results from caring, and particularly loving a person, is something she views as a weakness. This was significantly exacerbated by the death of her family in Itor Bass and, years later, the Path of Ashes. The anger, fear, and grief hardened her. Some might even say that they strengthened her will to carve out her own place in history.

  • Heritage: Orphan of Itor Bass, Alara. Named by Godric Torrain Ka Habb. Adopted by Selenia JeVondair.
  • Spouses: Asher Renodin, Andross Blint
  • Heirs: Nemean Renodin JeVondair
Selenian Phoenix of Xavax.png
Stheno Teenager.jpeg Stheno Eastersand The Promised Daughter Child of Flame and Night. On her 14th birthday, year 1108, Stheno ran away from home. To any who did not look close, she lied and said she was 20 on her way to her fiance. Those who were quick enough to see through the farce were not fleet enough to catch the lithe young woman, and before anyone in Rines new better, she was gone. With only what she could carry, she resolved to make her way to the Shattered Vales, among whos nobility she recalled dear friends and protectors from her childhood.

Why she ran, or what, perhaps, she was running from, Stheno never revealed.

  • Heritage: Daughter of Rania Eastersand JeVondair
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: None
Eastersand IvoryValeofFheuvenemBanner.gif
JeVondairMale.png Högni Peredhel Son of the Phoenix The Other Half-Breed. When he was born, it is rumored that the small congregation of nobility that witnessed the birth listened as a poet praised the babe of earth and starlight...symbolism often linked to the Elves of Sirion. The child's father was never revealed and known only to Selenia.
  • Heritage: Son of Selenia JeVondair
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: None
Selenian Phoenix of Xavax.png
JeVondairMale.png Nemean Renodin The Lionblade The result of an indiscretion by then-Prince Asher Renodin of Xavax upon then-servant to Xerarch Selenia Ayden before the former became King of Perdan and the latter became the Duchess of Blades.
  • Heritage: Son of Ayden Tórrarin JeVondair and Asher Renodin
  • Spouses: None
  • Heirs: None
Selenian Phoenix of Xavax.png

Great House JeRavosi

A Game of Thrones...

JeVondair Allies/Enemies

Only JeVondair nobles are permitted to proclaim Allies, Favored, and Enemies of the the JeVondair family. All JeVondairs are beholden to these as absolutes without exception.


  • D'Espana [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • Mormont [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • Tandaros [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • Kye [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • Blint [Decreed by Selenia JeVondair of Greater Xavax]
  • Gildre [Decreed by Rania Eastersand JeVondair of Sacred Obia'Syela]


  • Coquard [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • le Drake [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • Ridder [Decreed by Rynn JeVondair of D'Hara]
  • Abjur [Decreed by Selenia JeVondair of Greater Xavax]


  • Crownguard [Decreed by Selenia JeVondair of Greater Xavax after the critical defection perpetrated by Iuz Crownguard of Isadril]
  • conDoin [ Decreed by Rania Eastersand JeVondair of Sacred Obia'Syela for robbery of 150 gold]

Hahaha I LOVE the difference between your two enemies. One of them caused a realm shifting betrayal of the highest order, the other stole 150 gold from you.

Really does reinforce a mantra I live by in this game:

Don't f**k with JeVondair.

– Player of the Gildre Family

JeVondair Fame


FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
FB Duke.png
FB Lord.png
Sum: 12 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
Sum: 5 points

FB Tournament Host.png
Tournament Host
FB Guild & Religion.png
New Guild & Religion
Sum: 10 points

FB Death Duel.png
Death Duel Prevalence
Sum: 3 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Sum: At least 3 point

FB Unknown.png
Sum: At most 7 points

Total: 42 points

Current High: 47 points

In Development

Obia'Syela Greater Xavax Halcyon


Greater Xavax


Founder Founding Member Founder
Home of the Sandborn

JeVondairs are pretty much like some sort of tectonic plaque. You KNOW they're there, you KNOW they're always moving and you always keep forgetting about them due to the glacial speed of their plans. That's when they pop a volcano in your garden and cover your lawn in ashes and lava.

Damned JeVondairs.

– OOC Forum Message from D'Espana 4/2017

I feel like I have witnessed you bend this game with your mind, Jev. Or maybe it is me that bends, like the spoon scene in The Matrix...

– OOC Forum Message from Gildre 5/2018

Death only annoys members of the JeVondair family

– OOC Discord Message from Attano 2/2019

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