Guard of Righteousness

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Type Shield
Discovered By (unknown)
Discovery Date (unknown)
Discovery Location Dwilight
Abilities Prestige +7
Current Owner Moira Dubhaine


To the untutored eye the Guard is but a shield, shaped from black oak in a circuit a little more than the width of a man's forearm and bound all about with burnished steel. From it's centre projects a shallow boss of goodly appearance and the whole is thus balanced with exceeding cunning such that it moves lightly and with grace. The rear of the shield is lined in sturdy tooled black leather fashioned from the pelt of the fearsome Vakreno bear, to which is bonded a matching scabbard with two well appointed straps. The scabbard is no larger than might suit a short sword of antiquity and emblazoned with the words "In Hoc Scutum Vinces" emblazoned in silver block lettering, the whole construction suggesting an ancient.


The Guard has no overt power, yet in its presence men find themselves stirred to acts of courage and fortitude.


The origins of the Guard are shrouded in mystery, though rumours ascribe to it a divine origin and lofty purpose.


Little is now known of the Guard's history until the time of Brackern of Burgundy, a knight of Caerwyn. Viscount Brackern as he was then styled carried the Guard in battle and wove his name with its legend on the field of honour, later placing this most precious of heirlooms in the care of Lady Moira Dubhaine a free-woman of Caerwyn and noted defender of the Via pass.

In Lady Moira's charge the Guard became associated with her epic quests against the fell horrors of the Zuma highlands and the Barrow Peaks, though its efficacy against men was amply demonstrated during the Stalking of Farrowfield.