Akesh Temple

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Akesh Temple
Located on::East Continent
Part of::Shadowdale
Part of::The Shadow's Citadel
Fredrick Stormreaver
is regiontype::Stronghold
South Highlands
Stoneworks, Administration

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Akesh Temple is a breathtakingly beautiful region of mountains, lakes, swift rivers and small fertile valleys, situated in the Akesh Mountains on the East Island. The Akesh Stronghold is a series of fortifications that guard every mountain pass into the area.

The region takes its name from the temple of the Warrior/Healer Monks of Akesh, once located there, but long since disbanded. This region is the source of the Bescanon River. It has long been a center of religion and through the years has flown the banners of many nations. Coimbra, Caligus, Fontan, Light of Fountain, Perdan and Sirion. Currently the region is held by Sirion, and in elvish, the place is called Minas Aira (The Holy Tower).

The region has been the place of worship for many different faiths. It is studded with shrines and temples, most ruined, but some still in use. Currently the greatest temple is that of the elvish Church of the Holy Sacred Grove. Once this elvish temple was dedicated to the dread Emolris, Mistress of Fire, and her high tower challenged the heights and oversaw the continent with a burning eye that never slept. But now the temple has been rededicated to Astal, Patron of Heroes, Discipline, Duty, Honour, and War. The temple tower now glows with a clear, pure light.


  • Akesh Temple is annexed by Caligus from Coimbra.
  • Akesh Temple is annexed by Fontan from Caligus.
  • Warrior/Healer Monks of Akesh disband.
  • Akesh Temple revolts and rejoins Caligus.
  • Akesh Temple is given to Light of Fountain.
  • Akesh Temple revolts against Light of Fountain and rejoins Caligus. --Indirik 14:25, 18 May 2006 (CEST)
  • Caligus gives Akesh Temple to Light of Fountain. --Indirik 13:52, 5 May 2006 (CEST)
  • Akesh Temple is made the capitol of Light of Fountain.
  • Fontan takes over Akesh Temple - February 2008
  • Caligus conquers Akesh Temple - June 2008
  • Priest Andrew Cunningham uses Flow of the Balance to retake region for Fontan, but region is quickly recovered by Caligus. Andrew cited defense of the faith against foreign religions as his excuse. More information is here.
  • For some years, the region was taken by Perdan and then conquered by Sirion. Under the rule of the House of Serpentis the Stronghold was repaired, the walls was improved to repel new invasions and a great star-shaped Citadel was built. Above the ruins, a magnificent temple was erected to praise Emolris and a religious district housed a small temple of the Flow of the Balance and is open to every faith of East Continent find a safe place for their worship. In the last term of his rule, as he did with Avamar, the eccentric Silver Dragon of Sirion and Margrave of Akesh opened new libraries, museums, plazas and gardens, the largest of them, the Hanging Gardens was conceived in splendid details to honor his last wife. He also excavated a huge labyrinth inside the mountain to retire with his harems, attracting since them the greedy curiosity of adventurers in search of the treasures and spoils of the old dragon.
  • Under Lord Elric Altenahr of Sirion, the temple of the goddess Emolris, Mistress of Fire, was rededicated to the god Astal, Patron of Heroes. The policy of religious tolerance to temples of other faiths was continued. (25 Aug 2015).