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About the Game


Role Playing

Pages involving miscellaneous role playing throughout Battlemaster


Pages about the history of the world of BM.


Some pages about game development

  • SLOCCount - how much code and work is BattleMaster?
  • Category:Experimental Features - new stuff that might or might not be added
  • Known Bugs - A list of known bugs that visibly affect gameplay, as well as some things that seem like bugs, but aren't really

Web Page Editing/Tips

Instructions and aides on how to better create web pages and Templates

  • Battle Reports - How to get a battle report to show up on Wiki without any issues

To Be Sorted

  • Gems of Wisdom - Index of game information from players, for players.
  • Background Information - Historical data and details about the european medieval times
  • Realm Pages - Propaganda, mis-information or plain descriptions of various realms all around the game.
  • Guild Pages - Where the guilds can present themselves.
  • Religions - Where faith rules all
  • Family Pages - Collection of family pages, where you can add a page about your own family.
  • Quotes - Memorable in-game (or discussion list) quotes
  • Temporary Pages - This is just a starting and collection point for all kinds of random pages. Use this to start your own article if you don't yet know where to put it, or to temporarily store work-in-progress.