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Being placed largely in a medieval society, BattleMaster is easier to understand if you have some background information. Gathered here are some of the things that were discussed on the mailing list or otherwise collected as relevant information; of course anyone with an interest in the middle ages is invited to add his or her own contributions.

  • Clothing - lists and tries to describe articles of clothing your characters might be wearing.
  • Inside the Medieval Mind - season of programmes made by the BBC about the Medieval World (Power, Knowledge, Belief, Sex).
  • Job Titles - lists and describes some generalized medieval jobs that you might encounter in a realm.
  • Medieval Duels - some information about the types of duel fought in the medieval period, and the technique used.
  • Medieval Life - documentary series made by Terry Jones (Yes, the Monty Python's Flying Circus Terry Jones), where he talks about the lives of certain classes of Medieval people.
  • Medieval Warfare - some interesting information about real warfare in the middle ages, which was quite different from what you see in the movies.
  • Science of the Smith - some information about the medieval smith, important for weapons and (metal) armour.
  • Weaponry - weapons that you or your men might wield.