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Just read a book (by Barbara Tuchman) about the 14th century and the 100-year war between France and England.I can recommend it to everybody. The General /King was not the almighty person who could play with his troops like a maestro. On the contrary:

  • he invited his nobles
  • he was not sure who would come to the battle and with how much men
  • he was not sure ,when his nobles showed up, they would fight,often they started last minute discussions about what they personally could win with fighting, and if not pleased, they returned home without fighting.
  • when he finally knew who was going to fight, he gave his orders, only to find out that some had their own targets (settings) or some only pretended to fight, only to flee on the best occasion they saw.

Could go on a long time like that, to sum it up, BM is not a bad copy of Medieval Warfare. Absolute control didn't exist.

Bétizac/Jean Legras/Robert le Noir

... If you really want to read the book, it's called "A Distant Mirror" and it's a fantastic insight into medieval society. Not just warfare, but many aspects of life. Be amazed. I named my first BM character (de Coucy) after the real-life French noble who is at the heart of this book. matt andrews October 25, 2005 02:40 (CEST) (de Coucy/Matthias/Rodon/Kali)