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Here we have a collection of wisdom words about BattleMaster directly from the players. Please note that all of these pages are written by players, and there are no guarantees that they are complete or correct. That being said, the nature of a wiki allows for easy corrections, so if the original author didn't get it right, someone probably has already fixed it. If you know something is wrong, why not be that someone?

If you want to add to this collection, feel free.

For Newcomers

Everything related to making you better or more successful on the battlefield.

  • Calendar - A thorough analysis into the calendar system of BattleMaster.
  • War inside and out - A guide to war/tactics and some parts are philosophies of war/tactics. The intention of this is to help anyone who does not understand tactics, to help prevent unnecessary wars, and to help spread the knowledge of tactics. This page has now reopened is starting to build some more slowly.
  • Basic Facts - A guide on the roleplaying setting of the game. For those who want to make the most out of this game rather than being limited by the mechanics.

From the Mentors

Player Guides

For Realmrunners

How to run a realm, a region, a guild or any other kind of organisation in the game.

For Shadowrunners

How to Successfully Organise and start a Rebellion

  • Reasons for Rebelling! - Are you feeling greedy? Do you want to rebel but can't find any reasons to do it? Look here!?

For Players

Anything Else