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This page is based heavily on the old class system. That system has since been replaced by a new class/subclass system, as described on the Class page. Some of the information here may no longer apply. Please update this page with any new information you may have.


You may only change class while within the borders of your realm. If any requirements are wrong please feel free to fix them.


The Knight is one of the basic classes in the game. There are no requirements for this class; however, if you are an adventurer, you have to get three letters of recommendation, 5 prestige and perhaps an unknown amount of honour.

  • Note: As adventurers are still an experimental class, there are still some bugs in their transition from adventurer to knight.


An advanced Soldier who can hire more Cavalry than others, and gains more honour in battle.

To leave this class requires the sacrifice of 2 points of prestige, so consider carefully if this is your path.

50 Honour and 20 Prestige required. You must also be a Knight and part of your realm for a decent amount of time.

The cavalier class may not be immediately available on changing realm / continent.
(After a change from East Continent to Atamara, it took 31 days in the new realm before the option appeared.)


The inspiring fighter who joins his men in battle. Helps the troop's and region's morale as well as being able to sometimes recruit peasants. The Hero can die on the battlefield, and you can't switch out of this class. Note that the ability to pick up volunteer recruits does not appear until 50 honor, and that below that same threshold, the chance to tell tales is rare.

15 Honour and 6 Prestige required.


Not a real class in itself. You can only become a Martyr if you are a Priest. When you declare yourself a Martyr, you become a Hero, simple as that.

15 Honour, 7 Prestige and Priest class required.


Teach newcomers how to fight instead of doing it yourself.

16 Honour and 6 Prestige required.


Help your realm internally by managing the production/morale/loyalty of regions rather than in battle.

20 Honour required.


Has greater trading distance than other nobles.


The assassin. Least popular among enemies. They use their stealth to weaken, disrupt, and assassinate their opponents.

To have an effective assassin you can't have a unit, so any soldiers will have to go.

50 Honour and 10 Prestige required.

The infiltrator class may not be immediately available on changing realm / continent. After a change from East Continent to Atamara, it took 31 days in the new realm before the option appeared.


Spread religion and take an important role in the people's lives.

Dedicate yourself to a religion at a temple, of at least size 3, and become a full member (no unit).

(Little is still known of this class. There may be other requirements for some of their abilities.)


You can only start as this class, not switch to it, as characters in it are meant to be disgraced nobles, or distant relatives of noble families.

This class has a very different set of action options from the rest of the classes. Adventurers cannot lead units, they work solo or in collaboration with other adventurers. They also have the option of finding or creating unique items, which can be sold to nobles for a possibility of recognition. 3 points of recognition from nobles gives you the option of becoming a knight (and thus a noble).