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This page is a collection for temporary articles, anything that is a work-in-progress or where you absolutely have to write something down now, and go looking for a place to fit it in later.

Be aware that with many people editing this page, your link might get overwritten, lost or deleted. You can likely find your page again amongst the Orphan Pages or Recent Changes. If you started the page, the "my contributions" link at the top should also be useful.

What Can I Do?

If you've been chosen as an editor and you're wondering where to start, try adding one of the pages on our Special:Wantedpages. Or you can add to one of the stubs.

Moving Pages

If you realize that you (or anyone) misspelt the name of a new page, you can post a Move Request to ask that one of the Chief Editors move it (correct the spelling) for you.

Deleting Pages

If a page needs to be deleted for whatever reason, and you are the chief contributor to that page, you may post a Deletion Request to ask that one of the Chief Editors do that for you. This is to be used sparingly, though: do not create pages intending to have them deleted later.

The Big Pile Of Random Pages