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There are two different definitions for Bonds:

1. A bond is a small slip of paper backed by your realm's government, very similar to an IOU, which you can exchange at one of your realm's banks for gold.

2. A bond is a notation made on the record books with the tax collectors so that when you go into the bank of your realm, you are able to claim the gold you are entitled to.

Note: Seeing as how that foreign banks don't have the notation in their ledgers, you cannot use foreign banks and bonds become worthless if you change realms.

Uses of Bonds

There are a few things you can do with bonds that you cannot do with gold.

  • Send it to another troop leader.
  • Send it to your family
  • Fold it like a piece of paper to make origami.

Also, enemies who capture you can steal your gold. Bonds are safe.