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This is the BattleMaster Community, made not only for, but also largely by players. It is a WikiWiki system, using MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia.

Official Manual

All pages in this section have been written by contributors and are occasionally reviewed for accuracy. The manual is intentionally incomplete in some details and does not reveal everything, simply because it makes for a more interesting game to discover some stuff on your own.

BattleMaster Basics
For the impatient, what you really should know to play the game
The full manual, with all the details we are willing to share
The Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)
OOC Instructions
A list of instructions to do various OOC things such as joining forum, accessing IRC, the Discord Server or using bugtracker
An in-character introduction to BattleMaster
Rules and Policies
Rules and policies across BattleMaster
Titans and Magistrates
Enforcers of Inalienable Rights and Social Contract
Guidelines and other information about the roleplaying aspect of BattleMaster

Game Worlds & Other BattleMaster Content

East Island
First BattleMaster World of ancient realms with ancient rivalries
World of large realms battling for supremacy
World constantly plagued by invasions
Slower-paced world with only one turn a day instead of the regular two
Far East
The evolving history of two empires fractured
World of vast proportions, created by the player community, with a Serious Medieval Atmosphere
South Island
The world of perpetual war! A three-way battle for ultimate supremacy.
War Islands
War Islands (external link to game)
Stand-alone expansions, mini-games, etc.
Forum (external link to forum)
BugTracker (external link to Bugtracker)
Might and Fealty
Developed by Tom after he left BM, now ran by the community

Community Portal

The purpose of the Community Portal is to allow convenient access to the various sections of the BattleMaster wiki to assist users in creating new pages, editing older pages, and finding the desired information. On this page, you will find summarized links to the other various aspects of the community (FAQs, island newspapers, community resources, feature requests etc.).


We have about 12,392 articles at this time. Our 2,332 registered users have made a total of 218,430 page edits in their time.