OOC Instructions

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This page is a collection of links and short explanations that assist you in recruiting for battlemaster, joining our OOC half of the community, reporting bugs, and any other OOC helpful information.

Recruit for Battlemaster

We are working on finding various methods of recruiting people to try out battlemaster. If you have suggestions, mention them on one of the talk pages.

Vote for BattleMaster

Vote for BattleMaster is a page with some reasons why you should vote and a list of sites to vote at. With BM's player base slowly declining and a huge continent open now, we need to work on gaining some more players.


Recruitment Images contains lists of images(not hosted on wiki for space reasons) that you can use to recruit people to battlemaster.


Trademaster is a store where you can buy merchandise to help support the game and spark conversation that may result in new players.

Discord, IRC and Forums

Discord, IRC and the Forum are the only OOC communities (outside of wiki) where a large amount people gather at the moment, but if more communities arise, instructions will be here.


Discord has grown in popularity among gamers and therefore a BattleMaster Discord Server was set up! You can join by clicking this invite: Join BM Discord Server

Be sure to check out the Discord Rules and Discord Guidelines before joining!


IRC has a brief list of clients, channels, common people, and other miscellaneous information. It does not provide detailed information on how to join IRC, but relies on each client to explain it.

Generally, you want to join the server being used(will be mentioned in history). You can do this in either preferences or by typing /server irc.servername.org in the chat dialog. From there you can join the channels listed on the wiki page. You can do this by typing /j or /join and the channel name(#battlemaster for example).

To summarize, type /server irc.servername.org first. Then type /join #battlemaster or /j #battlemaster to join the main channel.


The Battlemaster Forums are a great place to ask questions about the game, learn some historical information about the medieval period, and catch up on the latest news about the various continents.


Editing on the wiki is quite simple once you get the hang of it, but some basic things are to always check the show preview button so the recent pages don't become cluttered with your edits and to subpage your work if necessary. Your characters should be subpaged to your family like this: Example Family/Example Character. Other things to be subpaged are roleplays to characters or realms and realm-related pages to realms.

BattleMaster Wiki:Contents is another collection of links for assistance on using wikipedia. It includes links to a style guide for consistency, a list of editors, a guide to wiki editing, newspaper guide, and some editing examples.

Sandbox is a useful place to test editing.

BattleMaster Wiki:Delete Request is not a series of instructions, but is a useful place to ask for page deletion instead of letting your page clutter the wiki unnecessarily.


Bugtracker details how to use the bugtracker. The bugtracker, as the name implies, is used to report bugs so that the coders can fix them. The page isn't exactly clear, but the username and password for the guest are both the word guest.

DNS Solutions

On the weekend of October 31, 2008 to November 2, 2008, there were DNS issues that made it hard for most users to access battlemaster. DNS Solution compiled the information necessary for people with less knowledge of the internet to help their friends access battlemaster. I would like to stress(even though it is mentioned on the page) that Tom has said that after it is fixed people should undo their changes in case the server is moved and they lose access. This page is kept here in case it is found necessary again.